The external flash: how I love it, count the ways              06.12.2010

    Playing with Photoshop                                                              06.17.2010

White balance in-camera and post-processing               06.25.2010

A morning downtown                                                                  07.19.2010

10 tips for a successful photo shoot                                      07.28.2010

The first photo shoot                                                                   07.29.2010

Photo adventure in Lincoln Square                                      08.09.2010

Erica and Dave’s wedding: the formal pictures               08.10.2010

Photo shoot on the dock, part 1                                             09.15.2010

Photo shoot on the dock, part 2                                             09.16.2010

Photo shoot with Vessie                                                            09.22.2010

Goodbye Chicago summer                                                        09.23.2010

Photoshop tutorial: virtual lipstick                                    09.30.2010

Playing with shutter speed                                                      10.06.2010

It snowed                                                                                         11.11.2010

I have a sister, and her name is ‘Pregnant’                       12.27.2010

Please can I look like this someday?                                   12.28.2010

 I went to Iceland                                                                         02.10.2011

Freckles and mops of curls                                                      03.01.2011

 How not to take a cool band picture                                   03.17.2011

Heidi and James (more where this came from)              04.15.2011

The many faces of baby James                                                04.20.2011

Mama and Baby                                                                              05.04.2011

Baby and Mama                                                                              05.06.2011

Chicago through my lens                                                           06.15.2011

Props and poses                                                                            06.17.2011

Band shots                                                                                       06.24.2011

Kevin & Katina’s engagement shoot                                      07.28.2011

Joe & Steph’s wedding: top “ten” shots                                08.03.2011

Getaway click-through                                                               08.05.2011

Lovebirds spotted at Hollywood Beach                               09.13.2011

The magic of Photoshop                                                             09.20.2011

Jamie & Taylor’s engagement shoot                                      09.23.2011

Amie’s photo shoot                                                                       09.30.2011

Benefit gala!                                                                                     11.16.2011

The unguarded moments                                                           01.16.2012

My first wedding! The bride gets dressed.                           01.23.2012

On being behind the camera                                                     01.26.2012

New Years: the complete haul                                                  02.06.2012

All for photography: the muddy sufferings                         02.13.2012

The importance of a garnish                                                     03.20.2012

Maternity photo shoot: Sarah and Tom                               07.02.2012

My maternity photo shoot                                                          10.02.2012

DSC_0037bwThe power of the squinch                                                          02.04.2014

5 thoughts on “Photography

  1. surly kitchen

    i can’t wait to read all your tips! i love that you have both photography and photoshop tips. thank you! i’m a visual learner and these will definitely help.

    maybe i will finally dust off my photoshop icon and learn how to use it for editing my pics. it just intimidates me for some reason.

    1. Jenna

      Thanks! I’m also a visual learner . . . and Photoshop is not as scary as it seems! OK, I do say that after a few hours of frustration when I first started . . . but once you get the hang of using layers, it all becomes so much easier.

    1. Jenna Post author

      I have a Nikon D90 which I really love, but I’m wondering if I could do it over again if I’d get a Canon Rebel. I have some friends that shoot with that and it seems fantastic. Good luck making the right choice!! =)


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