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Milano                                                                              11.18.2010

Gig at the Red Line Tap                                            11.29.2010

And we gigged                                                                12.29.2010

How not to take a cool band picture                   03.17.2011

 Singin’ and shakin’                                                     05.13.2011

Under the Shadow                                                       05.16.2011

 We are Thornfield                                                      06.07.2011

 Props and poses                                                          06.17.2011

 A loud and goaty kind of guy                                 06.20.2011

 Our band manager                                                     06.22.2011

Band shots                                                                      06.21.2011

Creative Sunday: songwriting together             07.08.2011

Love is Home                                                                 07.25.2011

A dollar a day . . .                                                         09.09.2011

Acoustic Blend                                                              10.11.2011

Adoption and gigging                                                 11.09.2011

Christmas music in Chi-Town                                12.02.2011

Christmas crooning and the Hokey Pokey        12.16.2011

Thornfield CD on the way!                                        04.16.2012

New image for Thornfield?                                       04.24.2012

Our first studio session                                              05.01.2012

The making of an album                                            05.14.2012

The terror of the microphone                                  05.21.2012

Thornfield CD: the final session                             06.11.2012

Thornfield CD release concert!                               07.17.2012

Realer than real                                                             07.18.2012

The big concert! It hath happened.                      07.30.2012

Thornfield: we are on iTunes! (and more)        08.06.2012

One thought on “Music

  1. komatie

    A fun way to make music is to use Mide-files, read it with Noteworthy Reader and play it karaoke style, using and instrument with the file. I play the trumpet. The advantage is that you can practice at 22:00 at night if you want to. You don’t need to schedule time with someone who can do the “back track” for you. The midi-file is the backtrack.


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