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Sweet gifts for Alice

I’m just stopping in briefly today to say: I am loving the handmade gifts I’ve received for little Alice!

My sister made a quilt, a dress and matching bonnet, and decorated some tiny jeans and a onesie with buttons and ribbon. My cousin Emily sent two beautiful, whimsical framed decoupages in purple and white. My friend Eve sent burpcloths that she sewed with her own two hands, Heather made a baby sling for me, and Cassia gave us a little spoon with “Alice” engraved on the handle. (There may even be more than I’m just forgetting at the moment.)

So today, I’m sharing one such treasure.

My college friend Julia sent a lovely package our way . . .

. . . and inside the beautiful red wrapping paper was . . .

. . . an elephant!

I’ve never seen a cuter elephant.

The time and thought that went into this: wow.

I’d give this adorable creature a name, like maybe Ernest the Elephant, but I think that prerogative is going to fall to Alice.

Julia even included extra yarn and stuffing in case repairs ever need to be made.

If she had an Etsy shop I would send you her way to purchase her amazing wares, but as of now she makes things for people she knows out of the love in her heart.

You rock, Julia! (And can I just say again how happy I am that you ended up with Dave? Sweet perfection.)