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Feeling sentimental for music times past

It’s been about a year and a half since my band Thornfield released its first CD and EP . . .


. . . and a year and a half since my bandmates whisked themselves away to North Carolina.

How time flies.

Around Christmas, I get a little sentimental. The snow is falling, the coffee is hot, and while loving this new chapter being a mama to a wee one with the softest head of blond fuzz you can imagine, I also miss the previous chapter.

In which I was, perhaps for the first time, really spreading my musical wings.

I miss making music with my friends. I miss having a reason to write new songs.

I could probably find occasion to despair of this never happening again in my life if it weren’t for the promise of heaven, where we will have a Thornfield reunion. I demand it. That will last . . . let’s say 100 years for starts.

When eternity spreads before you, why not?

On that note, I realized that I should probably be a good ex-bandmate and remind you all that you can, indeed, purchase our music.


Even though we don’t gig together in real time any more, the recording industry has allowed us to share our music in . . . fake time.

If you haven’t listened to us, you can buy real hard-copy CD’s or just download songs from iTunes. Or amazon. Looking for a Christmas gift for someone? Try us.

Heh heh.

Back to the coffee . . . and to a darling baby who is just waking up from her first nap.

Thornfield: we are on iTunes! (and more)


My far away friends!

You can now purchase my band Thornfield’s album “Bright Northern Skies” and EP “One for a Lover” in many, many ways.

First, there’s iTunes: search for “Thornfield” or click on this here link, and there we are! If you’re wanting to preview a couple gems, listen to a little bit of the smooth and jazzy “Trust Me to Stay,” the rollicking “The Watchman’s Back,” the funky “Dinosaur,” the dreamy road-trip tune “Denali” (written by me and my husband about this road trip through the mountains of Alaska), the bluesy “Eloise” about a certain naughty lady . . . or any of the other songs! One of our strengths as a band is variety, so though our genre is Americana/folk, you’ll get a little jazziness, a little bluesiness, some singer-songwriter, some countrytasticness (notably in “Scarecrow”)–hopefully nobody will be nodding off by song #4.


And if you do, then hey–now you’ve found some nice relaxing music that will help you go to sleep at the end of a hard day!

But onto more purchasing options.

There’s also amazon.com.

Then, there’s facebook. That’s right–you can download our mp3’s straight from the music store on our band page.

Then, there’s CDBaby, where you could order the physical albums, or also buy mp3’s. I’ll even put a handy dandy link for y’all.

Thornfield: Bright Northern Skies
Thornfield: One for a Lover

There’s also our website. Here’s the linkity-linky-link-link.

Then, there’s me. If you know and trust me, you can send me a check for $20 with your mailing address, and I’ll send you both the album ($15) and the EP ($5), all nice and glossy and shrink-wrapped. Or if you live in Chicago, I can actually hand copies to you in person. Yup.

Since many of you have become wonderful friends without ever meeting me and therefore have no idea what my voice sounds like, I should say that though Carrie is our main up-front gal and has a voice like butter on a muffin (sweetly and smoothly golden–effortless, in short), I sing lead vocals on “Denali,” “Pierced Through,” “Green Wheat and Poppies,” and “Under the Shadow” (all of which I also wrote), and do a ton of harmonies and guitar (plus any and all tambourine you may hear) through the rest of it.

I’m also very curious to know if my international friends are able to download our stuff on iTunes with no hitches–so let me know if that’s you!

Anyway folks, I’m so excited that our music is digitally available to all of you, and I hope our tunes hit your sweet spot.