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2012 New Years resolutions

As a follow up to yesterday’s post reflecting on last year’s goals, what I got done and what I let slide, today I want to share some of my desires for this year. I guess ‘resolutions’ is a slight misnomer–these are things I hope to accomplish in the year to come. Some are ongoing and some are one-time tasks. I don’t want to make unreasonable goals for myself, so I’m keeping it minimal. Here goes!

Record Thornfield’s first album. This is a huge goal for Eric, Carrie and me. We’ve been playing and songwriting together for over a year now, and now it’s time to lay down some tracks, baby! I really want a finished product we’re all pleased with and proud of, that reflects our unique sound and conveys that folksy, intimate feeling without teetering into something overproduced or overly rough-around-the-edges. The recording process is brand new to me, so it’s bound to be a learning experience! (Gulp.)

Make Grandma Sue’s cream pie recipe. It’s just gotta happen.

Continue songwriting! It’s been so wonderful finding this new venue of expression and creativity, and I can’t imagine stopping now. I wrote the first song of 2012 just the other weekend, so I feel like I’m starting the year off on the right foot.

Continue blogging–it’s also been too great a journey to stop! Sometimes I toy with the idea of quitting when I’m in a creative funk (or feeling particularly tired), and though the time to stop may yet come, for now I will forge ahead through joy, silliness, inertia, enthusiasm and the occasional writer’s block. Honestly, my office job is such an ideal situation for blogging to happen–hours with nothing to do and a big ole computer right in front of me. I have trouble thinking of a better use of my time while I’m stuck here in the office than connecting to all of you through this blogging thang!

Move! We have loved living in our apartment, but I would really like to have space for our own washer and dryer. I’m been laundro-matting since I was 18, and after more than a decade of toting clothes there and back and there again and back again, I’d enjoy a little respite. I’d also enjoy having windows that don’t rattle and let the snow in. Floors that don’t creak with every step, and allow us to hear our neighbor every time he coughs or turns on NPR Saturday morning (bless his NPR-loving heart!). If we stay where we are I will continue to be happy and satisfied, but finding an affordable apartment that’s a little nicer and has a bathtub I don’t feel the need to apologize for when guests arrive . . . well, there’s some appeal there that you can probably understand. I’ll keep you guys informed! For now, we’ll see, and I’ll keep dwelling in the contentedness of my joy in God no matter what.

Have a morning quiet time. This resolution was something totally unexpected, and happened quite naturally the Tuesday after New Years. I hadn’t had almost any time alone with God during our Christmas holiday, so by the time Tuesday January 3rd hit and it was time to get back into the routine of our life, I was feeling parched and desperate for him–enough to get my butt out of bed almost half an hour earlier than usual to spend that time in prayer and reading the Bible before I headed out to work. It was such a sweet time that I’ve been doing it ever since, cup of coffee in hand.

To understand the ground-breaking nature of this, you have to know that I have never been able to get up early for a quiet time. I’ve tried, and failed, and tried, and failed. Oh–and tried and failed. The first example that comes to mind is those mornings as a teenager when my Mom and I decided to get up early to read the Bible before I went to school. We were going to be real spiritual go-getters, we were. And our intentions may have been noble, but our follow through and discipline were severely lacking–these well-meant early mornings ended with both of us sleeping in the living room instead. Yup. Snuggled into a corner of the couch, gently snoozing until it was time for me to stumble out the door with my backpack. I’ve simply never been wired for mornings, and apparently, it’s slightly genetic. So the fact that, without making a decision to change my habits, I just kind of slid into this early morning devotional time–it’s huge. I love those 20 minutes, and have plans to stretch it into 30 and maybe even 40 minutes. Now that I want to do it so badly and am enjoying it so much, it seems easy! Craziness.

Go to the dentist. It’s been since . . . well, 2004. And I’ve been slacking on that flossing resolution I made ages ago. ‘Nuff said.

How about you guys? What do you anticipate and hope for in this (almost) freshly minted 2012?

Love is Home

We have high hopes of doing a ‘real’ (i.e. non-GarageBand) recording at some point soon-ish, but in the meantime check out this new recording from our last gig at CityGrounds.

[gigya width=”434″ height=”415″ src=”http://cache.reverbnation.com/widgets/swf/19/tuneWidget.swf?twID=artist_1623221&posted_by=artist_1623221&shuffle=&autoPlay=false&blogBuzz=” quality=”best” flashvars=”gig_lt=1307200289294&gig_pt=1307200509960&gig_g=2&gig_n=wordpress” wmode=”opaque” allowfullscreen=”true” ]
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Words by George MacDonald, music by Eric Pazdziora, performance by Thornfield (Eric on the piano and singing harmony, Carrie on lead vocals, me on harmony and a little guitar). Enjoy!

Love is Home

Love is the part, and love is the whole;
Love is the robe, and love is the pall;
Ruler of heart and mind and soul,
Love is the lord and the slave of all!
I thank thee, Love, that thou lov’st me;
I thank thee more that I love thee.

Love is the sun, and love is the sea;
Love is the tide that comes and goes;
Flowing and flowing it comes to me;
Ebbing and ebbing to thee it flows!
Oh my sun, and my wind, and tide!
My sea, and my shore, and all beside!

Love is the rain, and love is the air,
Love is the earth that holdeth fast;
Love is the root that is buried there,
Love is the open flower at last!
I thank thee, Love all round about,
That the eyes of my love are looking out.