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Off to see the wizard

Last weekend you may remember that my friend Carrie and I hit the road and headed South to Kentucky. The goal: girl time. Visiting my sister Erica. A dress fitting for the Regency Ball gowns Erica was sewing for us. Snuggles with Erica’s cats. Plenty of laughing.

Carrie came armed for our 6 hour drive with: 1 package Fig Newtons; one giganto-bag Doritos; 1 package Snickers bars; 1 bag wasabi peas. She doesn’t like wasabi peas, so I was responsible for consuming the whole bag–half on the way down, half on the way up. That’s 1000 calories in just wasabi peas, folks. I may or may not have developed a small sore on my tongue from sucking on the wasabi peas and the Doritos on the way home. I’m not confirming either way.

The scale at Erica’s house had frightening news for me, but via further squats and push-ups as my coffeemaker gets heated up, I hope to get back on good terms with it. Anyway, I don’t even own a scale, so don’t really have to worry about it . . . until the next time I’m visiting someone with one of those evil and fascinating devices.

Ah, the South. To this Northern girl, it holds a fascinating peace. A bewildering silence. People are friendly and talkative, and speak all twangy-like.

The expression ‘thundering silence’ was suddenly deeply meaningful.

I love the city–but it takes a toll that you may not notice until you leave. I could almost swear that my heart rate slowed down while we were in Kentucky.

As soon as we arrived, we had to check out Carrie’s dress-in-progress.

The fabric is a beautiful light green that complements Carrie’s hair, skin, and eyes perfectly, with an elegant gold trim.

Erica, I can’t tell you how grateful we are that you were willing to make us these gorgeous gowns.

I dub her ‘Nimblefingers the Great.’

Thank you for all your hard work, Nimblefingers!

We will feel like queens in these dresses.

Soon it was time for Carrie to try on the final product.

We couldn’t contain our excitement when we saw how lovely she looked.

I just love the gathers at the back and the scooping neckline. And the trim peaking out of the sleeves–oh my.

Craaarrrgggh! Has there ever been such a gorgeous dress?

Nimblefingers looks pensive, doesn’t she? Don’t doubt your skill, my son.

And I think this lace crown looks fab, girlfriend.

I say, go for it! 

As a reward for our hard work (ehem–Erica’s hard work), as soon as the last stitch was in place we watched Bridget Jones and snacked on coconut milk smoothies and popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast. The yeast tastes like cheese powder, and it’s healthy for you! Something about aminoacids.

Carrie put up very graciously with Erica’s and my sisterly capers. We can pretend to be normal human beings for about 2 minutes and 5 seconds . . .

. . . and that’s about as long as it lasts, folks.

But back to ball business! Tonight it is supremely important that I get my beauty sleep.

Because tomorrow, Saturday, is the Regency Ball itself.

We’ll be spending tonight in Indiana with my husband’s parents so that Carrie and I can get up bright and early Saturday morning to fuss with our hair, tie each other’s ribbons, primp, and all those other things we girls do.

White gloves have been located for all parties. Shoes have been purchased. We will drape shawls about our shoulders. And we will dance. And eat. And dance.

I have to say I’m a little nervous about learning these Regency dances. If I miss a step will I turn into a pumpkin?

Full report next week!