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Guess who’s back, back again . . .

. . . Erica’s back! Tell a friend!

That’s right. On the day that I didn’t have the gumption, wherewithal, or motivation to finish up my pregnancy post (due this morning), my sister decided to start blogging again.


Now I can just send you her way!

She wrote a fabulous post about homemade sandwich bread. Tell me this doesn’t make you want to marry her straightaway.

Too bad she’s already got a full house, with a husband and two cats to feed and take care of.

So seriously–stop by and say hello! She’s funny, smart, and heavens to Betsy can this woman bake. And cook. And frolick. And decorate. I won’t even mention that she has been a model, appeared in ads (TV, billboards–the works), and even been in a movie–because I don’t want anyone hatin’ on her beautiful blond little self for being too awesome.

Oh yeah, and she has that MA in French that I almost forgot about. Will the wonders never cease? (answer = no)

Hasta mañana!

Our band manager

Oh, you didn’t know that Thornfield has a band manager?

Well let me introduce her. Her name is Ellie.

Now where could she be . . .

Napping with the equipment, of course.

You guys ready for the show, or what?

Now lemme look over that set list . . .

. . . okay, okay, I see where you’re going putting some of those newer songs up front . . .

She is exactly what you want a band manager to be–aggressive, assertive, fierce–and she doesn’t cut a deal that doesn’t benefit her.

She also has a mean set of feline teeth that may or may not have chomped down on my arm completely out of the blue. Hey! Are you trying to disable one of your musicians!? I challenged her. But she was unfazed.

I’m the queen. I’ll disable WHO I want to WHEN I want to.

Now what did you think of my proposal to change the band name from ‘Thornfield’ to ‘The Ellie 4ever Tribute Band’?

We had just ordered a bunch of new sound equipment, and the living room at Carrie and Eric’s was strewn with cables, mics, and who knows what else.

Ellie carefully inspected it. She gave everything the full sniff-down.

I was also playing the guitar at the gig for the first time, so she went over my instrument inch by inch.

It seems to check out . . . just make sure to tighten that B string. Did you change it recently? ‘Cause it’s looking a little loose to me.

She supervised all proceedings until every piece of equipment was packed into the car:

If she could just refrain from physically injuring the members of her band, everything would be quite perfect.