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Maternity photo shoot

As the one who is frequently behind the camera doing the photo shoot, I don’t think I’ve ever been the subject of a planned photo shoot. (To read tales of my aversion to having a lens pointed at me, I point you back here and here.) However, I also love using photography to document my life, and since having a baby is kind of a big milestone type event in one’s life (kinda), when my friend Jessica offered to take some pregnancy pictures of Adam and me I said “yes.” I knew it might be a slightly painful and awkward experience, but I also knew I’d be grateful to have them one day.

Anyway, today I wanted to share my favorite shots and say thank you Jessica! I’m so glad you took these. You did a great job telling us what to do and making us feel non-awkward!

It turns out having your picture taken doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

Whaddya know.

Maternity photo shoot: Sarah and Tom

I had the awesome privilege of snapping some maternity pictures a few weeks ago for our old college friends, Sarah and Tom. They were already settled in Chicago when we moved here 3 years ago and it’s always fun to see them!

The funny thing is, they live on the South side of the city and we’re pretty far North, so the distance between our places (well over an hour by train, in case you were curious–maybe even approaching 90 minutes) makes it feel like we live in 2 different cities.

So anyway, I was really happy to be able to see them, take some pictures in the Edgewater/Hollywood Beach area, grab some delicious Thai food, and catch up on all things baby.

I leave you with some of my favorite shots!

(side note: do these pictures make anyone else wish they were a redhead? I’m having some serious redhead envy looking through these shots of Sarah’s luscious curls)