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GIVEAWAY–Red Gold tomato kit (winner announced)

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday morning. I just hopped on the Random Number Generator. There are 25 distinct comments (not counting my replies, or duplicate commenters) and . . . Random number generator The winner is lucky #13, Phyllis Slavens! (my “kindred spirit in the squiggly line, heh heh). Congratulations Phyllis, and I’ll shoot you an email in a few to connect you to the Red Gold people sending your kit.

Thanks to everyone for commenting and participating! You guys are the bomb-diggity. You all got tomato kits in my heart. =)


Hey guys! Red Gold sent me a lovely little kit with various flavors of diced and crushed tomatoes, a bright red apron and a wooden spoon (a nice wooden spoon too–thick and smooth and ready to stir some large pot of stew or something). They’re doing some promotions like crockpot giveaways (for 3 weeks starting Sept 17th) that sound pretty cool. So when they kindly offered to send the same kit to one of my readers, I was like, why not? Especially since they’re Indiana-based, and grow their tomatoes in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Go Midwest, go! (yes, we love the Midwest) Plus, everyone can use a can of diced tomatoes. If you need ideas, let me suggest this Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup, which I’m slated to make later on today (and I’m using one of my free cans of tomatoes from Red Gold). DSC_0097 Or this amazing, flavorful Pollo Alla Cacciatora. Mmmmm. It’s a great meal for freezing the leftovers, fyi. DSC_0074 Or one of my all-time favorite recipes, this Indian-style Chicen Curry. DSC_0181 This recipe will use up those crushed tomatoes for a good cause: your palate. Now I’m hungry. Anyway, if you’d like to receive the free Red Gold kit (and are located in the U.S.), just leave a comment below! You can say anything–like your favorite thing to make with tomatoes if you’d like to be theme-appropriate. Or a superhero sound like KAPOW. Or you can be a rebel and leave a single character, like + or =. Or, my favorite, the squiggly line: ~ (and does anyone know what that squiggly line is, and what function it serves?) I’ll draw a random number on Monday September 22nd and let you know who the lucky guy or gal is. I’ll contact the winner by email and Red Gold will send your treat in the mail. Good luck! 

Canvas print giveaway for my readers!–WINNER ANNOUNCED

Giveaway is now closed!

I used the random number generator to pick a number. I did not count duplicate comments from people, or my own replies, so it was between 1 and 20.

Random.org results


And the 12th (different) commenter was (badoom badoom) . . .

. . . Jenny from Words on Wendhurst!

Congrats, my sweet red-headed friend. I’ll be emailing you the code to redeem the print shortly.

Love you all and thanks for participating!


Hey guys!

So . . . I don’t think I’ve ever hosted a giveaway. And considering I’ve been blogging for going on 4 years (!?), that’s kind of . . . a crime. So when the folks at Printcopia offered to send me a canvas print in exchange for a product review, and also offered to give my readers the chance to win a free canvas print, I was really excited. I had actually been thinking about getting some family pictures printed anyway, so the timing was perfect.

For my canvas print, I decided to order one of the family pictures that our good friend Zane took of us last November, right after Alice turned 1. Their website is pretty easy to use–basically I just uploaded the image I wanted and chose a color for the wraparound part of the canvas.

It just arrived, and I am super pleased.

Alice helped me investigate.


She was quite thorough.



Hey . . . it’s Dada!


Here’s how it looks on our bookshelf . . .


. . . and a living room shelf. I’m not sure where to put it yet.


By the way, I love the brick color I picked for the wraparound part of the canvas.


I made the decision to veer away from black or white without being sure if I’d like the results, but I love how it turned out.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I did have to pay extra to include wall mounts. So I paid $1.60 to have that included . . . and then it turns out that they come in a little baggie instead of being already attached to the canvas. I guess not the biggest tragedy in my life. But there you have it.

So now on to the good stuff! Printcopia will give one of you lucky people (U.S. only–sorry to my internationally located friends) a free canvas print the same size as mine, 8×10 (or 10×8–you can change the orientation, as I did). In order to enter, just answer the following question in the comments below:

What do you do to combat the post-Christmas blues? Or do you even get them? If not, what makes you so awesome?

See, I managed to elude the blues until now. I had a trip to Arizona last week to visit my sister Erica after the birth of her new little one, Joshua Richard, and then I was on a women’s retreat for church, so those two big events kept me emotionally propelled forward after the New Year. But now that the excitement is dying down I’m like, “um . . . what? Life? Work? Cooking meals on a regular basis? Huh.”

But enough about my emotional blahitty-blah and back to the giveaway thingy. On Monday I will use a random method (TBD) to determine the winner. I will announce the winner here and also contact them by email with the code to redeem their print.

Good luck, my peeps!