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The source of my favorite outfits (and $20 for you to spend)

I’ve been posting about a lot of heavy stuff recently–and thanks to everyone for all the encouraging comments you’ve left. You guys are wonderful! And today the day has come to post about something just inane and fun. Clothes!

I’ve always been a thrifter. From Plato’s Closet to Salvation Army to the gigantic Rummage sale I’ve been volunteering for (and shopping at!) for a few years, I can barely abide spending full price on an item.

I’ve talked about ThredUp before, but I’m going to talk about it again–so brace yourselves! (part of the reason is because I just got a link that gives you $20 of free money to shop with, or a code that gets you 40% off if it’s your first order).

Basically, ThredUp is an online consignment store. You can use it to sell your old (like-new) clothes by ordering a free clean-out bag, filling it with stuff, and sending it to ThredUp (for free). They will pay you up front for all the “normal” items they accept (high end designer pieces are on a consignment structure instead). You can then cash that money out into your checking account and use it to buy two dozen lattes at Starbucks, or you can use it to shop on their site . . . which is normally the option I take.

You can also earn referral money–$10 for everyone you refer who places an order (so if you join by using my link you not only get $20 but you’re also basically giving me free clothes–thanks!! =)

Let me tell you why shopping on their site is so awesome.

You don’t just go on and randomly browse through random stuff while feeling frustrated that the awesome dress that made your heart go pitter pat is actually an XXS and you couldn’t fit in it to save your life: you can filter by size.

Or you can sort by wardrobe part: pants. Within pants, you can filter so you just get skinny leg denim for example. Or within jeans, so you just get jeggings–the level of detail at which you can break it down is quite impressive.

You can also add brand filters. So I can easily hop on and see all Banana Republic and Gap skinny leg jeans that are a size small or medium, (or 27 or 28, or 4 and 6–all options are available). Like dees:


If you already know your exact size for a given brand, this makes it really easy to find stuff that will probably look good.

Or you can browse their little boy clothes sizes 12m through 2T, and send a gift package of baby clothes to your friend who just had a baby (their smallest size is 12m–but babies grow!). Seriously–what a fun gift to send when you can’t make it to a baby shower in person!

They have maternity wear, too–next time I have a bun in the oven (Lord willing) I know where I’m headed for those extra long camis I wore day in and day out when I was pregnant with Alice.

My sister Erica and I even looked at cardigans together one time. She’s in Arizona, I’m in Chicago–but for a brief 10 minutes it was almost like we were on a shopping date together . . . almost. Ok, not really, because if we were actually together I’d be having a sugar crash in the Target dressing room and we’d be laughing uncontrollably, but it was still fun.

Another plus: ThredUp has awesome customer service. Once, they sent me a pair of leggings that the website said were Banana Republic, but instead were Rockin’ Republic. Hey, everyone makes mistakes. When I brought this to their attention, they immediately sent me a prepaid label to return the item (which I used to return a number of other things as well).

And one time, I placed an order. About an hour later got an email with a coupon from them for 20% off my purchase. “Ack!” I exclaimed while hitting my forehead on my desk repeatedly. The timing . . . the timing! So I emailed their Support Team saying “um . . . could you apply this 20% off to an order I just placed like an hour ago?”

They were like, “Yes! No problemo!”

and I was like, “Wow.”

I don’t know another company that would do that for you.

Which brings me to returns. Over half the things I order don’t fit right or I don’t end up liking. So being ready to make a return is a must if you’re going to have a happy experience. Returning things is easy: you have 30 days. You print a paper from their website showing what items from your order you’re sending back. If you order via their phone app, you get a prepaid (i.e., free) return label. If you don’t order via the phone app, you do have to return stuff the normal way and make a trip to the post office–but to me, that’s lost its intimidation.

Namely because I’ve come out of the whole shebang with outfits like this:

photo 2

It’s a loose-ish Gap dress that is perfect for the summer. It doesn’t cling, but it’s not quite a bag either.

photo 1

I also figured out I can hide my identity by placing the iphone camera over my eyes. Brilliant, eh?

This dress is a recent acquisition . . .

photo 1 copy

. . . and I just love the pattern:

photo 2 copyI was going to give more examples (I seriously wear something I’ve bought from them, like, every other day), but taking selfies is so . . . awkward.

Though here’s an adorable dress I got for Alice:


So even if you don’t plan on using this site all the time, for your $20 of free stuff you can at least treat yourself to a scarf for $7.49 or $6.99, like one of these:


Or a T-shirt for $4.99 or $6.99 like one of these:


Guys, I have become a shameless ThredUp apologist. And I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

To get 40% off your first purchase (now through September 30th), use this code when you check out: BTX7Y9.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Rainy, baby sleeping, wearing a dress


It’s rainy outside.

Which means: not snowy! Or at least, not snowing–the piles of dirty snow may take a while still to melt.

Alice is sleeping. I’m at work and there’s not a lot going on (hence this blog post). I’m drinking a cup of coffee ground from whole beans roasted in the mountains of Colorado thanks to a boss who is a coffee snob.

photo (2)

I love that he’s a coffee snob.

I’m wearing a dress. This is important, because it’s taken me a long time to realize I can wear my dresses again. It went like this: I was pregnant, and as I got increasingly large, my wardrobe choices declined in direct proportion to my size. I thought, “after I have this baby, I can wear all my old clothes!”

Hah. Innocent fool! Because then I was breastfeeding . . . forever. And I had a baby who liked to take her sweet little time about it, ergo, 45-minute-long nursing sessions in my office chair at work while I typed madly with one hand and hoped that no one rang at the front door, because that always meant a strange downward glance at my nursing cover and the oddly shaped bundle beneath it, then the slow dawning of realization in the visitor’s eyes that there was a baby under there, and that baby was sucking on that woman’s boob.

And by the way, I got really fast at typing with one hand. And gradually lost my awkward feeling about nursing in front of absolutely everyone–during meetings, conference calls, and even as I signed for the occasional FedEx package while propping my nursing child up on a knee/elbow combo to free up both hands. It was a time of acrobatics born of necessity.

So basically, I constantly wore nursing camis because anything that was too complicated to unattach and reattach all day was just going to make life miserable.

Then my baby got really efficient at nursing. It started to take only about 10 minutes per session. I expanded my wardrobe choices, because now if we were at work or in public, I could just pop into a bathroom and nurse her there. Which meant I could wear regular shirts and bras, as long as I could remove them easily (so still no on most dresses).

And finally, we’re at the stage where she may be weaning herself. She’s almost 17 months old and we have only one nursing time left in the mornings . . . but most mornings recently she just looks at me with a bemused expression, and then exclaims “Da!” while thrusting a book in my face.

C’mon Mom, I don’t have time to nurse and snuggle! We have to read “Happy Valentine’s Day Little Critter” RIGHT NOW! It’s SO IMPORTANT!

So we read a book instead, and that’s that.

She loves her books, that little stinker.

I’m not saying “she’s weaned” yet (that sounds so official) . . . but it seems like that’s in our near future. Sniff, sniff.

The point is, now that nursing is only 1 optional time before I get dressed, I can wear whatever I want during the day. And this week I finally started getting out my dresses. It’s a whole new world, people. A world of wearing whatever I want without considering the needs of a baby. It’s so . . . easy! Freeing! Playful! Wonderful!

So that’s me this morning. Rainy, baby sleeping (though not for much longer), and wearing a dress.

Happy Wednesday, friends.