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Fuzzy feelings

Going through the last pictures from Christmas, so many of them give me the fuzzies. Like this one. Just imagine your lips sinking into that squooshy cheek.

And by the way, didn’t I totally predict that I’d be talking about Christmas through February? Yep. I called it, baby.

Anyway, here are my favorite pics from our lovely family vacation, and the reasons that I love them.

It’s a fat paw. With dimples at every knuckle.

My husband’s profile makes me happy. I know I can’t shut up about it, but seriously. That straight, gorgeous nose.

The fuzzy headed little guy.

Heidi! She’s gorgeous in black and white.

And in color too! The poor thing can’t help it, so don’t hold it against her.

Baby + technology = much amusement.

Riding a train with my baby. Every minute was bliss.

My Dad–explaining things in typical Dad fashion. This encapsulates so much about him.

Mama Twink with her first grandson.

The little family!

Dad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this expression over the years. And I lean my head on my arm in exactly the same manner.

My baby (and I mean the bearded one) engaging in one of my favorite activities: smelling our nephew’s head.

Walking arm in arm with Mom!

Sorry–is this series too James-heavy?

No. There cannot be enough James on this blog.

Mama Kitty! In one of her typical outfits. Large, wildly attention-drawing hat. Big colorful chunky necklace. An outfit that, frankly, only she can pull off.

My brother-in-law John. The combative, smart,┬ásometimes irrational, lovable, maddening, debate-crazy junior in college. Don’t forget you were 10 when I first met you.

James and his Dada.

Me and my Dada!

And after all these warm, fuzzy thoughts, I think I’m ready to start my day. The end!