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Berries in a Cloud Jello Dessert

This is one of the least photogenic desserts I have encountered. It’s also extremely delicious. My sister Erica served it for Thanksgiving this year, and I could hardly keep my fingers out of it.

My hand was smacked many times.

But nothing could stop me! My days of feeling hoity-toity about Jello dessert are over, man.

Here are the traces of this supremely elite dessert on  my emptied Thanksgiving plate.

Hint: it’s the red splotchy stuff at approximately 11 o’clock, wedged between the gravy (brownish stuff) and the mashed sweet potatoes (orangeish stuff).

It’s so complicated to make that Erica had to go to culinary school just to learn the building blocks. It involves things like mixing Jello powder into water. Mixing Jello liquid into Cool Whip. Pouring a bag of frozen fruit into  the Jello. These are all very delicate operations that you need specialized utensils for, such as a spoon. And a bowl or two. Have I scared you off yet?

Since I don’t have step by step photos, I have instead chosen to insert some choice shots of the three of us sisters devouring this dessert like hyenas. We descended on it with spoons, with passion, and with raging appetites. Viewer discretion is cautioned. Or viewer caution is discretioned. Cautionary discretion is viewed. Whatever.

As usual, the printable Word document link is at the bottom. Enjoy, all ye peoples!


(Serves 8)

2 packages black raspberry Jello

2 packages strawberry Jello (or other berry Jello)

1-8 oz container Cool Whip

1 bag frozen mixed berries

Prepare the strawberry Jello following the package instructions. Once the liquid is cool, reserve 2-3 TBS of the liquid.

Mix the frozen berries into the strawberry Jello, and pour the mixture into a Jello mould or Bundt pan.

Chill the strawberry Jello in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes to an hour.

I love how my husband is donning an apron in the background. He’s getting ready to clean up our Jello mess, a mess so huge that it will require All Hands on Deck.

Stir the 2-3 reserved TBS of Jello liquid into 1 container of Cool Whip and chill. It will become pink and delicious.

Prepare the black raspberry Jello according to the package instructions. Erica uses ice cold water to temper it. Pour it into the mould or Bundt pan on top of the chilled strawberry Jello and chill the whole shebang for several hours or overnight.

When ready to serve, fill your sink with some hot water and put the bottom of the Bundt pan in the water for a couple seconds (literally 2 seconds, without submerging). Turn it upside down on a platter, and the Jello should come out easily. Top with pink Cool Whip delight.

Soon, your lovely platter will look something like this:

It’s inevitable, so just accept it.

Click here for printable version: Berries in a Cloud Jello Dessert