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Writing and making babies


Dear readers,

wow. I’ve been MIA for way too long. To fill you in on why . . .

I’m pregnant!

And I wrote two and a half novels.

One, a cozy mystery, is probably destined to live on my hard drive for the rest of its existence. I began to write immediately (read: 3 days) after my ectopic pregnancy in June, and it was an incredible exercise in escapism that taught me I am actually capable of writing a novel from start to finish. I wrote lavish descriptions of the character’s bedroom and I could have sworn I actually spent a few hours leaned up against her tufted headboard and snoozing on her high thread-count sheets. It was like there was this magic in my brain that I could activate and–poof! I was in another world.

Enter novels #2 and #3: two young adult fantasy novels (meant to be a trilogy, eventually). I wrote the first one in September and October and I’m querying agencies like mad (querying = trying to find a literary agent who will pitch my project to a publisher). After two months of emailing agent after agent after agent and facing daily rejections (ugh), I still don’t have an agent–but I am at least in conversation with an agent about a potential revision, which is encouraging.

Back to the pregnancy bit: I am 15 weeks along, heard the heartbeat for the first time just the other week, and am coming out of the woods of the first trimester into the light of day.

It’s funny, because I have felt so sick, tired, despondent, and enamored with bedtime, that I thought ‘this is way worse than when I was pregnant with Alice.’ And then I actually went back and read some of my blog posts from that pregnancy, and I realized: no, it’s exactly the same.

Do exactly as I do. Exactly as I do.

(Sponge Bob? Coaching Patrick Star on how to open a jar? Anyone?)

Except that instead of wolfing down French fries (which I don’t have time to run out and purchase on a daily basis), I’m wolfing down box after box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Orange . . . saucy . . . perfection.

Anyway, what a change from where I was in the summer. I’m suddenly a writer passionately pursuing publication, and having a second baby.

Oh, and my husband just successfully defended his dissertation.


God is good.


The Absentee Blogger that you may not remember, but I’ll jog your memory:

. . . and voila. Hmmmmm.

. . . and voila. Hmmmmm.

I’m the one with the underwear showing.

Guess who’s back, back again . . .

. . . Erica’s back! Tell a friend!

That’s right. On the day that I didn’t have the gumption, wherewithal, or motivation to finish up my pregnancy post (due this morning), my sister decided to start blogging again.


Now I can just send you her way!

She wrote a fabulous post about homemade sandwich bread. Tell me this doesn’t make you want to marry her straightaway.

Too bad she’s already got a full house, with a husband and two cats to feed and take care of.

So seriously–stop by and say hello! She’s funny, smart, and heavens to Betsy can this woman bake. And cook. And frolick. And decorate. I won’t even mention that she has been a model, appeared in ads (TV, billboards–the works), and even been in a movie–because I don’t want anyone hatin’ on her beautiful blond little self for being too awesome.

Oh yeah, and she has that MA in French that I almost forgot about. Will the wonders never cease? (answer = no)

Hasta mañana!