The Best Ginger Beer

Two Christmases ago, I bought these cute copper mugs for El Hubby, along with limes, ginger beer and vodka, the ingredients to make a delicious drink: the Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mules are fizzy, citrusy and pretty delightful. Not to mention it’s fun to drink from these mugs–it makes it feel like a special occasion.

How to make them? Easy. Basically, you squeeze half a lime into the mug over some ice. Splash in 2 oz of vodka and half a can of ginger beer (about 4 oz). Done. Sweet and tangy, ice-cold and altogether lovely.

So when right after the New Year a nice lady emailed me and was like, “Do you want to try this Brooklyn Crafted ginger beer?” I was like, “YES, AS A MATTER OF FACT I DO.” When people ask you to review things you already consume as part of your regular life, it’s a no-brainer.

Then life got busy and the ginger beers sat in the fridge.

Life got busy, you say? Yes, it did.

See, this game called “The Edmund Fitzgerald” was born. The game involves my 5-year-old (with some help from the 2-year-old) piling every single pillow on the guest bed in the basement. Followed the a hula-hoop, a yoga mat, all the books and all the blocks.


This game alone has accounted for a 22% increase in the busyness of the household.

Finally, this weekend, I remembered the ginger beers. I have to try them, I told the lady I’d try them, I reminded myself. Edmund Fitzgerald or no Edmund Fitzgerald, it was time.

Oh my word, you guys. These fancy lil’ guys exceeded expectations. So, so good. The cheap-o kind of ginger beer that we normally buy is really just a sweet soda. But this kind is both sweet and spicy, and my word do I love a good strong ginger-zing.

In my effort to be a responsible human being, I checked out the nutritional facts as compared to the cheap-o kind (also sitting in our fridge). Well! The Brooklyn brand is also healthier, coming in at less calories and sugars and so forth. Score! I love it when healthier and more delicious align. And it comes in super fun flavors. El Hubby, a man who likes the simple things in life, was dubious about this. Mango? Early Grey? He’d much prefer the classic flavor.

Then he tried them.

And he liked them.

And if that ain’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I had to share because I seriously love these little ginger beers, whether as part of a Moscow Mule or just by their non-alcoholic little selves.

Next time you need fun drinks for a party . . .

Next time you have low blood sugar and it’s time to clean up the Edmund Fitzgerald and you need a burst of something sweet to help you along your way . . .

These little beverages will deliver. I highly recommend them.

2 thoughts on “The Best Ginger Beer

  1. Dianna

    What a fun treat to try! My brother in law always buys ginger beer when we eat at the Amish restaurant near here….but I’ve never tried it.

  2. Twinky

    Your penchant for ginger… could it be all the ginger I used in the Chinese food we cooked while you were growing up??!! I love ginger, too, as did Mama Kitty…. you must be related!!

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