What is happiness?

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Being content with what you have–but more than content. Appreciating it. Enjoying it.

At this exact moment, I’m enjoying my coffee, brewed here at work in our fancy coffee machine (with beans roasted in the mountains of Colorado–yup–having a boss who is a coffee snob really pays off). I’m appreciative of my drive to work this morning–full of prayer. Twenty-five minutes of quiet, uninterrupted dialogue with God. I’m enjoying the warmth of the day, the soft fabric of my dress, and the harmony between myself and my co-workers.

Self-confidence–knowing you are beautifully created, uniquely gifted, and strong enough to fulfill your calling.

By God’s grace, when I get home from work today I will meet my husband and two kids with hugs and smiles, and jump into the work of the home with willingness, energy, and an unselfish spirit.

Anticipating the future with joy–not obsessing, or worrying, or fearing.

Whatever happens next year with my husband’s new round of job applications, and whether he becomes the breadwinner or I continue to bring home the bacon, I will fear no evil . . . because God is with me. He is charting my course using the same wisdom, creativity and strength he used to create the very universe (or multiverse? Ooooh. =)

Seeing the humor all around you.

My texting relationship with my sister Erica helps in this area. The past few days, we’ve been texting each other hilarious pictures of ourselves when we look our worst, or pics of our houses at the messiest. And then, you just gotta laugh. Especially when the autocorrect on her phone produces the following text: “Person who Broaddus meals Brought them — incredible. Chocolatey her.”

I will now endeavor to text the sentence “Chocolatey her” as often as possible in my life.

It’s the story that you tell yourself about your life.

So when you’re telling the story of your day, of a season, of your childhood–tell it with thought and care. Not foregoing honesty, but looking at the biggest picture of all, which casts life in the light of deep meaning, ultimate joy, refining periods of suffering, and ultimately, redemption.

A verse from Psalm 19 has been on my mind the past few weeks–I’ll paraphrase–“like a strong man runs his course with joy.” I want to be the strong woman, running the course laid out for me with joy.

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