Is it a 30’s thing?

I feel like my 20’s were a time of exploration, possibilities, adventure. Making a choice wasn’t going to be ‘forever,’ and there was just a feeling of looseness about everything. We tried to make some money, have some fun, and the future seemed like a winding path that would create itself as we went. It was a time of taking opportunities, walking through open doors.

This past month has been very different: a time of intense thinking. Thinking with my husband about: what is really important to us? What makes us the happiest? Is it really going to be him having a career that could take us far away from Chicago and me staying home? Is that what he wants? Is that what I want?

Unlike our 20’s mindset, suddenly we’re contemplating open doors that we might not want to walk through. Opportunities that might beckon, and that we might say ‘no’ to.

My husband and I have been blessed this past year with a season of shared responsibilities at home. The flexibility with both our jobs means that my husband is getting a taste of being a stay-at-home dad. At least once a week, I go to work alone and he stays home with sweet Alice. And he loves it. Loves, loves, loves. Like, maybe he could do this full time. And I also love staying home with Alice–but not all the time. Because I love my new-found passion for writing. I love getting out into the world, and having a part of my life be independent of my roles as wife and mother. It invigorates me.

In short, we both want a significant part of our schedules to be blocked off for the delightful (if sometimes difficult) work of parenting, and taking care of our home. But we also both have other interests. Right now, the balance feels near perfect. I feel like my husband and I are truly partners in the different aspects of our lives: the bread-winning and the parenting.

But with my husband’s graduation coming up in March and his job applications floating around the country, not to mention another baby on the way, we both know that a change is coming.

We’re not yet sure what our choices and options will be, but this season of uncertainty has made us dig deep into our hearts and examine ourselves: what do we really want out of life? How do we want to spend our time?

I’m wondering how much these questions are part of this next decade of life, the 30’s. I feel like we’re starting to uncover more of who we are in this (frequently tearful) process.

After feeling squeezed breathless by all these thoughts, and crying what felt like gallons of tears (and making my husband miss the State of the Union because I decided to have a weep-fest instead), the past few days I’ve felt remarkably lightweight. Okay, not actually, because I’m gaining weight with this baby faster than I can count the pounds, but lightweight spiritually. This morning I realized that this ‘perfect balance’ we have now of work and home life for both my husband and me wasn’t the product of some well-thought out decision. It was a gift directly from God. We never chose to have this balance outright–my job just happened to end up being super flexible, and my hard times last year with the ectopic pregnancy and working with a toddler in the office forced me to ask my husband for more help (i.e. staying home with Alice more throughout the week), which (surprise!) he’s ended up loving, and I’ve ended up loving. What I’m actually seeing today is that God has led us to this season of balance–and that he can do that again. This fall, and for the rest of our lives. He knew all along we wanted this, even when we didn’t know we wanted it. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and I believe he is eager to give us good gifts: joy and peace. Contentment in our work. The ability to care for our family in accordance with the calling we both hear in our hearts.

Okay. Now that I got that off my chest, I’m off to eat some more Danish and put on a few more pounds–’cause why not? It’s Thursday, it’s snowing, I’m pregnant with a little boy named Benjamin, and God is good.

8 thoughts on “Is it a 30’s thing?

  1. Kelsey

    Thanks for sharing this Jenna. I was just thinking about your family. Your words say it so well. Yay for another little boy!!

  2. Anna

    I love this, Jenna. Thanks for sharing. I needed a reminder of joy today. Benjamin!!! What a wonderful name. I’m looking forward to the pictures;)

  3. Holly

    Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to just sit down and talk with you and the ihug girls (and probably have a weep fest of my own). I loved reading this post and remembering that God is, indeed, good and does have our best interest in mind.


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