GIVEAWAY–Red Gold tomato kit (winner announced)

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday morning. I just hopped on the Random Number Generator. There are 25 distinct comments (not counting my replies, or duplicate commenters) and . . . Random number generator The winner is lucky #13, Phyllis Slavens! (my “kindred spirit in the squiggly line, heh heh). Congratulations Phyllis, and I’ll shoot you an email in a few to connect you to the Red Gold people sending your kit.

Thanks to everyone for commenting and participating! You guys are the bomb-diggity. You all got tomato kits in my heart. =)


Hey guys! Red Gold sent me a lovely little kit with various flavors of diced and crushed tomatoes, a bright red apron and a wooden spoon (a nice wooden spoon too–thick and smooth and ready to stir some large pot of stew or something). They’re doing some promotions like crockpot giveaways (for 3 weeks starting Sept 17th) that sound pretty cool. So when they kindly offered to send the same kit to one of my readers, I was like, why not? Especially since they’re Indiana-based, and grow their tomatoes in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Go Midwest, go! (yes, we love the Midwest) Plus, everyone can use a can of diced tomatoes. If you need ideas, let me suggest this Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup, which I’m slated to make later on today (and I’m using one of my free cans of tomatoes from Red Gold). DSC_0097 Or this amazing, flavorful Pollo Alla Cacciatora. Mmmmm. It’s a great meal for freezing the leftovers, fyi. DSC_0074 Or one of my all-time favorite recipes, this Indian-style Chicen Curry. DSC_0181 This recipe will use up those crushed tomatoes for a good cause: your palate. Now I’m hungry. Anyway, if you’d like to receive the free Red Gold kit (and are located in the U.S.), just leave a comment below! You can say anything–like your favorite thing to make with tomatoes if you’d like to be theme-appropriate. Or a superhero sound like KAPOW. Or you can be a rebel and leave a single character, like + or =. Or, my favorite, the squiggly line: ~ (and does anyone know what that squiggly line is, and what function it serves?) I’ll draw a random number on Monday September 22nd and let you know who the lucky guy or gal is. I’ll contact the winner by email and Red Gold will send your treat in the mail. Good luck! 

30 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY–Red Gold tomato kit (winner announced)

  1. Julia Menn

    Awesomesauce! That’s one of the things I could make w/ tomatoes – pasta sauce. I make a very good one. I should make it in larger batches and freeze it to have on hand so I don’t succumb to buying the pre-made stuff…

  2. Sarah K

    Is the squiggly line called a tilde? I don’t know what function it serves though unless it’s over a letter. 🙂

  3. Eve

    Me…me…pick me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Oh sorry!!:p
    I like to make basic tomatoes sauce from Mario Batali recipe to make Mock tripe in tomato sauce. It sounds scary(tripe???), but it is actually an omelets antipasto dish!
    It is yummy!;)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <- ocean waves
    Miss you Jenna

  4. Veronica

    I had to LOL over the paragraph explaining how to enter. I also think it’s a tilde but don’t know why it would be all alone and sad by itself. I use it to ascribe a quote to the Bible or a person like, “The trouble with the internet is you can’t believe any of the quotes.” ~ Abraham Lincoln. See how pretty and fancy that is? 😀

  5. Carmen

    The tilde you can use to type the Spanish letter ñ, though I’m a bit rusty on the how. And I’ve often seen it used to denote a term like “about” or “approximately.”

    On a more official note, my favorite things to make with tomatoes are bruschetta and caldo de camarón.

  6. Phylis Slavens

    I didn’t know I had a kindred spirit with the squiggly line – I use it in almost every email I send as a closing flourish & have signed cards with it for years :). As far as tomatoes, I would love to win the Red Gold kit – I live in Indiana & had Caprese salad just last night for dinner. For a new experience this year, we attended a “tomato tasting” where we sampled over 30 varieties & voted for our favorites. I’ve also acquired a new recipe for Heirloom Tomato Salad which I’d love to share!

  7. Kelly

    I would use it to make my all-time recipe from your site, Chana Dhal and Courgette Curry. Or…I would use it to make this new discovery from your site, Pollo alla Cacciatora. It’s too early in the morning to be this hungry.

  8. Kathy Wargo

    I’d LOVE to have some diced tomatoes…love to use them with some fresh squash and put some cheese on top…YUM!

  9. Giselle

    I’ll go the super hero route and say, in the words of Chapulin Colorado: sigamen los buenos!

    Tell me you watched Chespirito at some point growing up! I don’t actually know if a Mexican tv show would be known in Spain..

    1. Jenna Post author

      Chespirito must be a Mexican thing because I’ve never heard of it! Than again, we didn’t watch a lot of TV growing up, so we may have just totally missed that train. =)

  10. JenB

    Recently I’ve been into sauteeing some veggies and throwing in roughly chopped basil and halved grape tomatoes near the end. Perfect for a fresh tasting pasta dish!


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