Breaking news: Christy and Todd continue!

415qwSzRSlL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Yesterday I was having a glass of wine and reading the end of a Robin Jones Gunn novel as evening fell and rain started pattering down. It was lovely. As I read the last page and continued turning pages in the vain hope that the novel would continue past “the end,” I saw a plug for the author’s website.

“Hmmm,” I thought, “I wonder if she’s working on anything new and exciting.”

So I padded over to the computer and checked out her website.

My jaw dropped.

There’s going to be a new Christy and Todd series.

Okay, so most of you are probably like, “ok . . . so?”

But! You have no idea what Christy meant to me as a teenager. I blogged about this amazing series for teens a few years ago. I practically believed I was Christy . . . in a non-creepy mostly non-psychopathic kind of way, of course.

So the fact that there are going to be more books about her? It’s like . . . it’s like . . .

There’s nothing I can compare it to.

I’m so excited.

I tried to pre-order the book on amazon, but it looks like it’s not available yet . . . I’ll be trolling the site to order as soon as it’s humanely possible. I’ll order two. I’ll order ten!


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4 Responses to Breaking news: Christy and Todd continue!

  1. this is SO EXCITING!!! makes me want to find my old books at my parents’ and reread them :)

  2. Erica says:

    AAAA!!!!!! This is FANTASTIC news…. i may still believe that i’, Christy… in also a totally non-creepy-yes-i-am-a-sane-adult-with-my-own-life way.

  3. I literally gasped and Luke asked me what was wrong. You totally made my day!

  4. Twinky Satterthwaite says:

    Hey! Even I sit up and take notice…. you’ll have to come visit with book in tow so I can read it, too!

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