And then she Frenched me

Last November we got together with our friend Zane, an amazing photographer, and asked him to take some pictures of our family. Alice had just turned 1, and the time seemed right. At some point, I asked for some pictures of just Alice and me. The light was fading fast, so we went out to our little balcony.


I tried to think of things to do, because (news flash) babies don’t exactly know how to pose and smile for the camera yet.


I pointed at stuff, etc.


I asked her where Mommy’s nose was.


I asked her where Mommy’s teeth were.


Okay, in retrospect maybe not the best idea–Mama look a little horsey.

Anyway, then I thought it would be cute to get Alice to give her Mama a kiss. She had just learned how to do this and I died inside a little every time she planted a wet one on my face. It was just sooooo cute.

“Can you give Mama a kiss?” I asked.

And this, my friends, is what happened.


The End.

5 thoughts on “And then she Frenched me

  1. Twinky Satterthwaite

    BwahahahahaHA! Hilarious shot!! At least the camera did not catch the actual recesses of an open mouth & contents!!
    Give that precious little girl a kiss from her Mama Twink!!

  2. Layla

    Our car is going to be paid off this month with our tax refund, now that I won’t have that burden anymore….maybe someday a visit is due(?), and we can let the kids meet too?! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! Do you have any future plans to be back in Delaware for any reason?


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