Feeling sentimental for music times past

It’s been about a year and a half since my band Thornfield released its first CD and EP . . .


. . . and a year and a half since my bandmates whisked themselves away to North Carolina.

How time flies.

Around Christmas, I get a little sentimental. The snow is falling, the coffee is hot, and while loving this new chapter being a mama to a wee one with the softest head of blond fuzz you can imagine, I also miss the previous chapter.

In which I was, perhaps for the first time, really spreading my musical wings.

I miss making music with my friends. I miss having a reason to write new songs.

I could probably find occasion to despair of this never happening again in my life if it weren’t for the promise of heaven, where we will have a Thornfield reunion. I demand it. That will last . . . let’s say 100 years for starts.

When eternity spreads before you, why not?

On that note, I realized that I should probably be a good ex-bandmate and remind you all that you can, indeed, purchase our music.


Even though we don’t gig together in real time any more, the recording industry has allowed us to share our music in . . . fake time.

If you haven’t listened to us, you can buy real hard-copy CD’s or just download songs from iTunes. Or amazon. Looking for a Christmas gift for someone? Try us.

Heh heh.

Back to the coffee . . . and to a darling baby who is just waking up from her first nap.

6 thoughts on “Feeling sentimental for music times past

  1. Twinky Satterthwaite

    Sorry my dear, but music runs in your blood, way deep!! Grab that guitar and sing to Alice…. make up some fun/funny little baby-girl songs she can move to, sing with you, and remember for a long time!! With you and your sisters wildly individual and delightful jargon and satterthwords, you could do some amazingly fun lyrics. Think about it!

  2. Laura

    Each of my kids has their own song. Joe has two because his baby song was sorta lame. There are also a few for special toys. We even made up a rap for a feisty little duck rattle!

  3. Veronica

    I find myself feeling a little sentimental about old times already, and I get it. I passed my usual exit to work today, and then got off on the street I frequently visited after work to go through a drive-thru and it was strange knowing that my life is totally different now. Although I wouldn’t trade my baby for my old life, it’s hard leaving things behind too. Oh and after reading other comments about baby songs, I agree it’s a great idea. My Dad had a song for my youngest sister and I remember it to this day. πŸ™‚

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