Winter bunny baby

I just snapped these this morning . . .


. . . and may I just say that it’s becoming increasingly hard to get an in-focus picture of my constantly-moving baby.


She lives to move.

“Bwa bwa wa wa ba wa bwa wa!” she exclaims.

Which in babyspeak, is the demand: “walk! walk! walk! walk!”

Which means she wants Mama to take her two hands and help her walk all over the place. She’s not trying to take steps on her own yet, but Mama is getting a workout in her role as a walking facilitator.

Oh dear . . . I love her little outfit–the jeans!


There’s nothing like a little baby butt in a pair of little baby jeans.


She’s like a living doll.

And–just to plug good old ThredUP to death, her outfit is almost entirely from that wonderful website. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a baby clothes wonderland–for cheap.


“C’mon Mom! Bwa wa ba wa wa wa wah!”

Okay sweetie.

But first, let me kiss your fuzzy wuzzy head.

IMG_0421Happy almost-weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “Winter bunny baby

  1. Reta Chastain

    I so look forward to your ‘letters and pictures’. To see how quickly Alice is growing, such a beautiful young lady and your smiles, make me all warm and cuddly inside and make me want to burst into happy song. Hugs for helping my day start out so happily!


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