My birth story: coming tomorrow

So I’ve decided to share my birth story!

And I’m just warning you–it’s not a pretty story detailing how calm I was as I played my hypnotic music mix CD’s and how ethereal I felt as I engaged in this thing that women have been doing for millenniae and how connected I felt to the earth or some such thing.

I mean, I hoped that would be my story, and after taking a 9-session 27-hour Bradley Method natural birthing class, practicing relaxation and hearing about my amazing sister Heidi’s second birth (a water birth) during which no one could tell when she was having a contraction (yes, she was that calm), I was like, “oh yeah. I want to do that!”

I mean, I knew it would be painful, but I felt ready. Ready to have my strength tested and reach beyond the pain into an inner place of peace.

It turned out . . . a little differently.

I still remember my first Sunday back in church, when Alice was 10 days old.

“How did it go?” people asked me.

“Well . . .” I summarized, “basically I yelled “F***! F***! F***!” the whole time.”

Yes, I said the f-word in church. Multiple times, and I think in a loud voice, too.

I also added “Please remind me NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN.”

Anyway, I recently read this article, which cracked me up and reminded me that I had never shared with you guys about my experience. Plus, Alice will be a year old in a month! So why not go back in time and finally share the nitty gritty with you guys. If you’re a dude, squeamish, or about to give birth for the first time and maybe not wanting to hear about some of the not-so-fun stuff (Veronica, Erica, Kelsey–I’m talking’ about YOU!), feel free to click away.

But for the rest of you: my story is not intended to discourage, frighten or advise. Every woman has a different experience–some are shell-shocked by it, some feel closer than ever to God; some scream, some are quiet, and I even hear that for some it’s a completely pleasurable experience. This is simply my story, and in the effort to finally make peace with it, I’m going to tell it as truthfully as possible.

Love you all and hope to see you back tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “My birth story: coming tomorrow

  1. Giselle

    oooo. I’m looking forward to reading it! Your birth was really an amazing experience for all present. It was an honor to be witness to your incredible strength and love. =) I can’t believe Alice will be a year already! Time flies.

  2. Patti

    That’s too funny about your outburst in church, I once had one of those myself, though over something totally different. But it’s nice to know that you worship in a place where we can all laugh at these little slip up. I can’t wait to read your story 😀

  3. Veronica

    I kind of wondered how it was for you, other than painful, which is all you said in your first blog after giving birth. Like if you went natural, etc. I probably shouldn’t read it but I won’t be able to resist. Childbirth was easy for Suzie, so I think I need someone who’s had a bad experience to make me feel better in case it sucks for me. I’m planning to go natural but making no promises-lol.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Your plan sounds good, V. =) Start natural and know that you are strong and able, but if you’re completely miserable, there’s an out!


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