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And then her cheek fell off her face


We were in Fox Lake recently visiting my in-laws. It was 6pm, Alice’s bedtime, and I was snapping some pictures of my husband and her as they read “Goodnight, Moon.”

DSC_0276 DSC_0272

Goodnight light and the red balloon . . .

DSC_0265 DSC_0264 DSC_0263Goodnight bears, goodnight chairs . . .


. . . goodnight kittens, goodnight mittens . . .


And suddenly, this amazing thing happened.

As she twisted towards me and fell to the side, Alice’s cheek smooshed itself into an area beyond her actual cheek zone, continuing downwards and uniting with her chin in a singular, glorious occurrence the likes of which I count myself blessed to have witnessed.



It was the biggest, most delicious piece of chincheek I’d ever seen. Like a cream puff, but better.

Like an inflatable inner tube, but better.

Like a marshmallow oozing out of a freshly toasted S’more.

I’ll zoom in for you.


If this baby weren’t mine, I’m afraid I’d have to kidnap her.

I mean, seriously, what if she had been born to some other lady?

I’d be on the run somewhere in the Caribbean, I guess, and I’d have to change my name to Millicent.

Bathtime with Mama Twink

When it came to her baby bath times, until recently Alice was skeptical at best, tearful at worst. But during our visit to my parents’ house over Memorial Day weekend, Alice had her first enjoyable bath. My mom was convinced that she needed some time in the warm water to help relax her after a tough evening. I was dubious, but my mom exerted her grandmotherly rights and began the process anyway.


And how wrong I was! Alice absolutely loved the experience.

DSC_0236DSC_0210 DSC_0208 DSC_0200

I loved the experience of watching grandma and grandchild enjoy each other.

DSC_0269 DSC_0264 DSC_0263Looking at these pictures makes me want to rush in and interrupt the nap Alice is currently taking just to squeeze that roly-poly baby bod! The fuzzy head . . . the puffity baby cheeks . . . the little curled toes . . .


DSC_0257 DSC_0255 DSC_0250

Thanks Mama Twink!