Foodie Baby

I have always hoped that our kids would have adventuresome palates. With my love of food, variety and spice, the thought of a picky eater who would refuse anything but chicken fingers seemed rather dreadful.

When Alice was 5 1/2 months, we started her on solids. I had no idea how she was going to respond, and tentatively approached her with some carrots I had steamed and pureed that afternoon.


She took to it like butter to a muffin.

Within weeks, she was eating about 14 oz of solids per day (!), and devouring anything I offered–carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, chicken, lentils, spinach with garlic, Greek yogurt, Chicken Tikka, pureed coq au vin, tuna salad, chicken salad, any kind of fruit . . . everything except for avocado.

She even went gangbusters on a lemon.


DSC00083 DSC00080 DSC00073 DSC00071 DSC00069

And in the first 3 weeks of starting solids, she gained 2 pounds.



I’m guessing by now she’s put on another pound or two, which is surely helping her in her mission to move all over the face of the earth, scooch by scooch, and put everything she can find into her mouth. Go Alice go!


But back to the food part! To this day, before her little mouth even makes contact with the spoon, she makes the most hilarious faces of skepticism.


I think she’s anticipating, unsure of what her taste buds are about to experience. But she’s game to try whatever’s there, so in goes the food . . .


. . . and the little face goes through a series of expressions that might seem like disgust to an untrained eye.

DSC_0275 DSC_0274

She makes dramatic grimaces and looks at me with a face of great uncertainty. What are you feeding me??


But after about bite #4, some kind of switch turns and she becomes RavenousBaby, leaning forward towards the spoon and smacking her little hand on her thigh or the table. More! More! More!


Picky stages will most certainly come and go throughout her babyhood and childhood, but at this moment I am so thankful that she’s game for whatever I put in that little plastic bowl.

She’s my favorite baby. She’s just tops. And she’s MINE!


9 thoughts on “Foodie Baby

  1. Megan

    Isn’t baby food fun? Kyle never really liked avocado either. His picky stages didn’t really hit until about 16 months, but he’s still not as picky as some kids. Now he’s more likely to try things or eat moreof something if it’s in my bowl and he shares it with me, then if he gets his own bowl of it.

  2. Veronica

    This post made me laugh so hard! Those pictures of her faces are just too much! The lemon, the skepticism–too much! She is just the best, I totally agree, thank you for sharing her with us. Yay for a foodie baby!

    1. Jenna Post author

      She’s still breastfeeding (that’s the main part of her diet), and I hope to continue beyond the year mark. I think solids start taking over after 9 months or so? So part of the quick weight gain that she’s had recently is that these are just extra calories for her at this point.


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