5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from our little family!

  1. Kelsey Kimball

    I wanted to thank you for your blog, I don’t know if you will receive it but it was an answer to prayer.
    I needed to interview a pregnant lady about their pregnancy. And it was 9pm when I remembered the assignment (as well as the paper I needed to write)
    and I was almost in despair. Then I prayed and thought that I should just find a blog,
    and yours was Amazing and a blessing.
    I love the way you mentioned that your daughter was a blessing from Heavenly father because it is SO true. You have a beautiful family, also I wanted to mention that Heavenly father knows how precious your family is to you and therefore prepared the way for families to be together forever. I know that families are meant to be together even after this life, but together in the eternities. So I loved seeing how important your little girl was to you.
    I thought since you blessed me with your blog I wanted to also share something wonderful in return. I know that Heavenly father really does love families and want them to be together forever and has prepared a way for families to be able to continue being together even after this life. Which makes sense because we have so much love for them, it just makes sense that He would want to bless us with letting them be with us after this life.
    This site has a cute article about strengthening families and how eternal (forever) families is possible- its from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints (sometimes better known as/nicknamed- mormons) http://www.mormon.org/values/family
    I hope you will be able to read it with an open heart and ask Heavenly Father if families really can continue forever, which I know they can and that He wants Everyone to receive this great happiness.


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