The twelve Alices of Christmas

1. A good little girl.

2. Exuberantly goofy.

3. As tall as the Christmas tree!

4. Adoring her daddy.

5. Crying with Mama.

6. A little dancing is always fun . . .

7. Smart (and she knows it)! (I see a future Hermione Granger in the works)

8. Cooing! Gurgling! (and on her way to laughter)

9. Taking after her mama with the whole squinty-eyed smile thing.

10. Concerned about the state of the world (i.e. a world that involves more than eating, as she’s been discovering to her chagrin and surprise)

11. Sleepy! (considering the state of the world tends to quickly make one drowsy)

12. Too cool for school.

16 thoughts on “The twelve Alices of Christmas

  1. Sarah K.

    AGH! Her smile! It’s too much! Totally adorable!! There’s something really amazing about a baby’s little toothless grin, especially when it’s YOUR baby’s toothless grin. 🙂

  2. Linnea

    Love all her smiles! She really must smile a lot for you to catch all those on camera! And the Hermoine Granger thing made me smile–the expression did kinda look like Emma Watson! 🙂 Love it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Twinky

    I checked several times this morning to see if maybe you had a new post, and VOILÁ!!

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! What wonderful pictures of such wonderful and beloved people! Precious, precious, precious.

  4. Veronica

    Oooooh mah gooooodnesss, put a stamp on that child and mail her to me! I need to see that squinty smile in person! She’s too much. Jenna, seriously, put the second photo right next to the one of you making that face while standing over your baby sister (the one with the squinty eye), you guys make the same faces! She is reminding me so much of you now that she’s growing into her looks. Love it! THank you for sharing!

  5. faith

    your posts always make me smile. so lovely to see your beautiful little family and get to share in these momentously huge small quiet moments xxx


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