The face I wake up to

A tiny little person . . .

. . . who may or may not be using the force in her sleep.

Jedi princess in the making?

Though if we’re honest here, her stance is more akin to the Emperor and his hand lightning thing . . . and her breathing pattern is quite Vader-esque at times . . .

I’d better have a little chat with her about the Dark Side and how it’s really not as cool as it seems.

11 thoughts on “The face I wake up to

  1. Lindsy

    HAHA! Yes, newborn breathing and sleep noises for that matter are quite something! She is just PRECIOUS. I hope you’re just eating it all up!! Such a sweet season.

  2. Eric

    We had a little baby girl
    Who made our hearts to flutter;
    We used to call her “Margarine”–
    We hadn’t any but her.

    –Herbert Allport

  3. Veronica

    I was smiling over these photos on facebook–I thought her hands were so funny! It really does look like she’s using the force! haha! she’s just a doll and she’s just going to keep getting cuter–babies seem to grow exponentially in cuteness the longer they’re out of the womb.

  4. Erica

    Hi sweet girl! Your auntie Erica can’t wait to kiss those darling little fingers and cheeks and hair! Take good care of your mama!


    Your auntie Erica

  5. Louann

    Up until I read this I always thought a sleeping baby was the most perfect a human being could ever be! But she does look pretty perfect… doesn’t she?

  6. Kimby

    Jenna, this is too funny and precious at the same time. Ironically, the hubby & I decided on an anniversary gift to ourselves last weekend — the entire Star Wars saga. :) The Force is definitely with Princess Alice!

  7. Sherri

    So funny …. I have photos just like this from when my… well now preschooler (sniff) and other kiddies were infants…. Such a sweet routine, eh?


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