Monthly Archives: November 2012

Alice and her dad

As of yesterday, our little one is 1 month old. At this exact moment, she’s in her dad’s arms bopping her whole upper body around to a Sufjan Stevens Christmas CD. She’s moving her little head back and forth with a wild energy (and completely new and unexpected neck control–we’re in disbelief), with plentiful “ah”-ing and grunting and cooing.

We’re on the couch just laughing. She is the most lovable, the fuzziest, and the funniest little human we’ve ever seen.

And in the course of writing this short post, my little girl is now ravenous. One bosom, coming up . . .

The face I wake up to

A tiny little person . . .

. . . who may or may not be using the force in her sleep.

Jedi princess in the making?

Though if we’re honest here, her stance is more akin to the Emperor and his hand lightning thing . . . and her breathing pattern is quite Vader-esque at times . . .

I’d better have a little chat with her about the Dark Side and how it’s really not as cool as it seems.