40 Weeks

How far along: 40 weeks, completed 10/10/2012. My due date was yesterday, so no matter what my body decides to do, meeting Alice is under 2 weeks away max. My next appointment is scheduled for Friday 10/19. It’s a non stress test, and if it doesn’t go well, they would induce that same day (!?).

Weight gain: Two more pounds in the past week! I suspected, based on the amount of food I’ve been eating recently, that it would be a larger number than usual. That puts me at 154, for a total pregnancy weight gain of 21 lbs.

Clothes: We’re having our first cold snap, and I’m surviving with jackets that don’t close over my belly. I mean, it would be ridiculous to buy a pregnancy-friendly coat for these last days . . .

Purchases: None–we’re all set!

Body: I’m still hoping to survive this thing without stretch marks. The other night I saw a faint pink line on one side of my belly, and immediately called in the troops. “Baby,” I called to my husband, trying to keep the alarm out of my voice, “is this a stretch mark???”

He agreed that it did look like one.

“Aaaarghll!!” I cried.

Then I cried “Gaaaarghlsdrrrr” just for good measure.

I pondered the pink line. I rubbed some lotion on it. I reminded myself it wasn’t the end of the world, and made peace with it.

An hour later, that pink line was gone.


But if one appears again that actually is a stretch mark, I am determined to be mature and accept, accept, accept.

And as for the belly trick . . .

Sleep: It continues to be awesome. What a blessing!

Best moment(s) of the week: I really enjoyed having my friends Julie and Annie over for that cookathon last Saturday. And I’ve also enjoyed receiving more texts, calls, and facebook messages of encouragement than ever before. It’s wonderful to know that so many people are praying for us and wishing us well during this huge life event.

Movement: I feel like she’s been even more active than usual. She’s learned how to insert a foot in my ribcage, which isn’t too comfortable . . . and the pressure on my bladder and pelvic floor has become quite intense, with an occasional jab from a hand or something that doesn’t feel very good. One night there was a sharp pain that caused me to yell in surprise; it felt like she had grabbed the tendon connecting my leg to my pelvis and twanged it violently. Who knows what that was about.

Don’t worry, little Alice. Soon you’ll be out and about, and then you can stretch those little legs and arms as much as you want, with no cringes or moans or yelps from your mama!

Food cravings/aversions: I’ve just been eating . . . well, a lot. I keep telling myself it’s okay, because more calories consumed = more energy during labor . . . right?

Symptoms: Some back pain after our cookathon, but that went away after 2 nights of sleep (and with the help of a rice-filled sock heated in the microwave for 2 minutes, which I put on the small of my back). Bending over to do dishes and lifting out large pieces of cast iron cookware from the lower kitchen cabinets does a number on you whether you’re pregnant or not, methinks.

Emotions: I hate to use this cliche, but then again pregnancy is not original to me, so whatever. Basically, I feel like a time bomb. Labor could happen at any time . . . or not happen for 2 more weeks. That’s a lotta limbo for this girl who is used to planning ahead and controlling her own schedule.

The first part of the week, it was more emotionally challenging. But for the past few days it’s been much easier, mostly because of some stuff at work that’s required my full attention (thus making life seem more normal and time pass more quickly).

I’m so glad I decided to work up until the end! If I were hanging around the house, I think I’d go mad.

Hopes and dreams: At this point, that I’ll go into labor naturally, without having to be induced (the latest they’ll let me go is the 24th). It’s weird, because while I really do feel like a time bomb, I simultaneously feel like I’m never actually going to give birth. I mean seriously . . . is it really going to happen? Really really? I don’t feel that different than I’ve been feeling for quite some time, so the fact that a sudden change may occur soon seems highly unlikely.

Highly. Unlikely.

What I miss: Being able to button my jackets. That’s quite convenient around this time of year, dontcha know.

What I’m looking forward to: Early labor, which from what I’ve heard, is very enjoyable. Manageable contractions at home with my husband sounds like a great way to spend a day–and I’m not being sarcastic. That early phase is exciting. There’s not a ton of pain at first, so I’ll still be able to interact and talk and dream out loud with my husband like a normal human being, and I want to enjoy every blessed second of it.

Husband update: He’s definitely getting eager to get the show on the road. It’s just kind of weird that my body is in charge of starting the show . . . and that the opening night is still TBD.

When we both get home from work he gives me that look that says, “is tonight the night?” I almost feel like I’m letting him down when I say “Nooooo . . . no contractions today.”

I may have even apologized once or twice. (!?)

Before drinking a beer with dinner he makes sure to ask, “Should I have this beer? Or will I need to be driving you to the hospital in the next couple hours?” Which I think is adorable, especially considering we both went through a class on birthing and learned that labor starts gradually, and that we will probably be at home for a good day (or large chunk of a day) with early labor and a nice bit of active labor, until we hit the magic 3-1-1 (contractions 3 minutes apart, 1 minute in length, for at least an hour). So it’s not like one minute we’ll be hanging out watching an episode of Parks and Rec, and the next minute I’ll be like “TO THE HOSPITAL! NOW!” and then the fact that he just had a beer 30 minutes prior will somehow cause a birth story disaster.

Hee hee.

And I know he knows all this . . . but he still checks with me anyway.

I love you, baby.

Anyway folks, I’m hoping something happens this weekend, but if not, I’ll be back with a 41 weeks picture and update next week. Keep praying for us! We need it.

I mean, we alwaysneed it, but . . . you know what I mean.

17 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. Jenny @ Words On Wendhurst

    Every time I think of you these days (which is often!) I pray that you will have an easy and natural delivery like you would prefer. These last few days/weeks are so hard… especially for us planners. 🙂 I also find it ironic that the babes are so intent on stretching when they’re huge inside of you, but then when they’re out they are completely freaked out by all the room. 🙂 Love you girl!

  2. Sydney

    Okay, I think these are my favorite photos of all your pregnancy updates! You are beautiful. 🙂 Prayed for you this morning, she will be here so soon!

  3. Joanne

    well maybe if there’s more pressure on your bladder it means the baby is dropping and getting into position?? here’s to hoping!

    You should definitely carbload for labor!

  4. kelsey

    jenna, you are glowing! we are so excited for you guys, i’m sure it’s crazy to think that little alice will be in your arms soon.

  5. Veronica

    I had to laugh about your stretch mark episode. I have quite a lot of stretch marks on my hips from a time when I gained weight rapidly (I’d just had my thyroid removed, and was a new diabetic that had no idea how to control her blood sugar). It has taken a LOOOONG time for those suckers to fad enough that you don’t notice them any more. So I would be freaking too! I really am not wanting belly stretch marks but I know they will be worth it if it happens. (No, not pregnant, still hopeful!) You are looking so good, Jenna! Your pregnancy has been a beautiful one. I’m getting excited for you and hope you will post something about going to the hospital on f/b when the time comes!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Yeah, I definitely have stretch marks in my thigh/butt area from when I was 21 and suddenly got hips (or something =). I’ll try to post on FB, but I’m trying not to promise anything . . . in any case, we’ll be texting or calling my Mom and she’ll probably publicize to FB (and hopefully tag me =).

  6. Twinky

    Indeed, how you glow! Thank you for this 40 (+) week window on your world–so special to follow all your thoughts and feelings and changes and…. well, everything!

    Praying for you all!!

  7. Kate

    Praying for you Jenna~! You’re right about early labor. It’s wonderful. I have the fondest memory of waking at 3 and not waking my husband (2nd child) and going downstairs to watch a movie and time contractions. I knew there was no where else I should be and I was so content. I loved letting my husband sleep for the busy day ahead. Baby came at 6 p.m.


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