If I disappear . . .

As my due date approaches (this Wednesday), it occurred to me that I may not be blogging the moment Alice pops out. Or even during the first week(s) of her new little life. I mean, I may feel motivated and energized and eager to post a picture or two . . . but I may not.

I have no idea how I’ll feel!

I’m an emotional wild card to my own self.

(And that’s kind of disconcerting.)

So if you suddenly find a lack of posts happening, well, you can assume I am either:

a) In labor

b) Trying to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing

c) Sleeping

d) Crying

e) b and d

Or maybe eating . . . I think eating may be important, too.

And watching Anne of Green Gables, which I ordered specifically for those early days in case I feel like sinking into a comforting childhood favorite.

And trying on my skinny jeans every single day until my butt decides to be amenable to the long-forgotten but well-loved pile of garments I like to call “pants.”

Anyway folks, it could be this week or it could be next week, or it could be the next. It’s all very . . . not up to me, type of thing.

I hope you’re all having lovely Monday mornings! Mine is about to involve a steaming cup of coffee, black. Mmmmmm.

16 thoughts on “If I disappear . . .

  1. Layla

    No excuses young lady! You need to be texting, blogging, AND emailing everyone updates while in labor!!! LOL j/k.

    I’ll be praying for you and your family!! When the blog entries DO resume, I know they’ll be some of the best…I can’t wait for you to be a mom!!

  2. Kimby

    Jenna, it’s entirely understandable if you “disappear.” It’s also good to hear you have your priorities straight, despite feeling like a wild card. 🙂 Family moments, privacy, and time to absorb the wonder of it all… yup. Take all the time you need, kiddo — we’ll be here when ya get back! xo!

  3. Amy

    If you’re blogging the day after, then you’re crazier than I am 😉 Last bit of advice – send Alice to the nursery at night, while you’re in the hospital. Don’t feel guilty!! Giving birth is a tremendous job and you’ll be exhausted. Also? It’s the only full nights sleep you’ll get for a long time. Enjoy being a new mama!!

  4. Sarah Konet

    Ha! I might yell at you if you DO post a blog so soon after Alice’s birth. 😉 I’m kidding about the yelling, but seriously, just focus on Alice and you and Adam for a little while. Take time to just be and not worry about anything else. That verse about Mary treasuring these things in her heart has become really cool to me since Ethan has arrived.

  5. Joanne

    Gah! I’m actually quite excited for the day when you disappear…not because I don’t adore you but because I can’t wait for little Alice to come into this world!

  6. Tobi

    Oh I think Anne of Green Gables is a fantastic idea!! I just borrowed the complete set from a friend and watch them all about 3 times over a couple of weeks–took me back. She was my childhood idol, for sure. I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly and healthily for you all 🙂 xoxo

  7. Asmara Bermejo

    Madre mía,Ana de las Tejas Verdes!!!no me acordaba de esa serie :)….Te dejamos que desaparezcas unos días,hasta que te acomodes a tu nueva situación,pero por favor,en atención a los que estamos tan lejos ponnos una fotito en que te encuentres mejor para que podamos poner a la bella Alice. Un beso enorme mamá.

  8. Terri @ that's some good cookin'

    If you disappear, we’ll just wait until you can come back. Just give us at least one pic of baby Alice, though, okay…if its not too much trouble. I’ve been thinking about you as the days draw closer to delivery. All will be well. Alice is already twice blessed: two parents who want her and are anxious for her arrival. Like so many others have said, I’ll pray for you. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy. What a treasure you have created with your posting. I hope that you have made copies of all of your posts and that they are going into a journal.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Thank you Terri! I’ll definitely try to post at least a picture. We shall see! It’s weird not being able to predict how I’m going to feel or how anything is going to go with labor and delivery. I definitely appreciate your prayers!

  9. Kate

    So happy for you Jenna! You may want to journal without actually blogging (I did, journal a lot that is). It’s such a special time! Cherish every moment. If you need any lactation help, I have a dear friend who is a consultant. Don’t think for a moment – just call her! She’s seen it all! It’s such a gift you’ve given us. Can’t wait to see you back.

  10. Veronica

    Yup, I was expecting you to disappear and I’m excited for you but I hope you’ll allow me a bit of selfishness in missing you while you’re gone. Alice, can’t you just hibernate for another year so we can have Jenna to ourselves? 😉 I’m looking forward to the first pictures of her!

  11. Megan

    Don’t feel any pressure to do or not do anything internet related. Take 2-3 months leave if you need to, or go back after a couple of weeks. Either way do what you need to do and don’t think about any of us. Take as long as you need for your baby moon. It’s really important, just like a honeymoon is really important to get away from everything and everybody also.


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