He builds! He organizes! He uses power tools!

Today I just have to say how amazing my husband has been throughout this whole moving and setting up house thing. I have about a million shots of him building furniture or putting things up on the wall.

Like this giganto mirror, which I had him hold in about a dozen positions (and variations: “a little to the left! a little higher! no, a little more to the right!”) before finally finding the right spot for it.

I love having an able-bodied man around.

Especially considering I’m feeling less than able-bodied right now . . .

. . . and especially especially considering that he’s also the most attractive manhuman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

And I can grab his butt whenever I want. (huge perk in my life. HUGE.)

11 thoughts on “He builds! He organizes! He uses power tools!

  1. Suzie

    You’re lucky to have a handy man. Mine can fix any car or vehicle with a motor but, refuses to hang a picture. I had to hire someone to do all that jazz! :O

  2. Veronica

    LOL! That is a nice perk of marriage. :) In the picture of him hanging the mirror, you don’t even look pregnant in the mirror-image! I love seeing the progress on your place, but the last pic is my favorite. So sweet.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hee hee–well I can guarantee I was FEELING pregnant. Man–all the physical activity of moving was super challenging (which makes me extra grateful for Adam’s patience, etc.).


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