36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks completed 9/11/2012. Just under a month until my due date!

Weight gain: Well, I’ve been holding my 147 lb mark for about a month, so who knows what’s to come in the final 4 weeks–maybe a huge spike? I’m trying to eat regularly and healthily and prepare myself for anything. I’ll have some cold hard numbers to share next week after my appointment.

Clothes: I am THRILLED with this cool weather which has enabled me to break out the snuggly cardigans! Leggings are also about to become my friends again instead of the harbingers of sweaty-thigh-and-crotch syndrome. And sleeping with the windows open–I love it.

Purchases: More bins. I’m obsessed with bins. Bins for diapers . . . bins for wipes . . . bins for stuffed animals . . . bins bins bins bins bins!

Bins make me feel good.

Body: Interestingly, I’m not feeling as large and heavy as last week. In fact, multiple times this week I’ve tried to walk between a wall and a chair thinking I could squeeze through, but my belly has gotten in the way and prevented the maneuver. And each time, this has been a surprise. So I guess I’m forgetting that my belly has some serious dimension to it.

I also thought late last week that I might have made the leap into the waddling stage, but it turns out it was just this one pair of flip flops that made me walk kinda funny. With those flip flops removed from the equation, I was back to walking normally again, and quite relieved that I wouldn’t be stuck in slow waddle mode for a month.

And I can’t believe that I can still tuck Alice mostly away.

And there are no stretch marks yet to be seen (I’m holding my breath on that one, that’s for sure).

Sleep: I’m definitely not sleeping like a rock like I used to. But it’s not miserable either. So there you have it.

Best moment(s) of the week: My husband was at Cedar Point (a big amusement park in Ohio) riding roller coasters on Saturday. He’s been every year since he was . . . 12 years old, I think? Anyway, it’s his family’s thing, and this was his last pre-baby trip. But ever since he came back, he’s been dreaming aloud about how great it will be to bring our kids there. It comes up quite often, and he gets this excited look and says “won’t it be great when Alice goes to Cedar Point for the first time?” It’s adorable. I’m not even a big amusement park person, and I’m already getting excited about experiencing his joy in sharing this with Alice (and any other future lil’ ones) down the road.

Originally I had thought that the annual trek to Cedar Point would be an ideal time for mommy (me) to stay behind and get a couple days of alone time, girlfriend time, and shopping time. But now . . . I’m reconsidering. We’ll see how it all shakes down in the years to come.

Movement: She squirms around quite a bit in her (wonderful) head-down position, and does her big leg stretch all the time, when the bump of her bottom on the left side of my belly and the feet sticking out on the right side make my stomach go from round to a bizarre oblong shape. It’s kind of hilarious, always endearing, and sometimes a little uncomfortable. That tiny thing has some strength in those little legs!

Food cravings/aversions: Monday was my first day off cow dairy products. And guys . . . it’s a challenge. I’ll think “Mmmm, what do I want for a snack? Oooh, a bagel with cream cheese!”

Nope–can’t do the cream cheese.

“A bagel with butter!”

Nope, no butter.

No more Mexican pastries from Devon Market, which may have been baked with butter. No bowl of rice slathered in butter. No yogurt for breakfast. And I’m adjusting to drinking black coffee (I tried adding almond milk and it just didn’t cut it as a creamer substitute). In fact, I may just give up my morning coffee in favor of some Raspberry Leaf tea (which is supposed to be good for the female system and help my uterus be awesomely strong and ready for labor . . . or something).

Anyway, at least this whole dairy thing is short term, and it’s definitely giving me insight into the struggles of people with dietary restrictions. (I felt for you guys before, but now I really feel for you guys!)

Symptoms: Getting tired easily . . . back pain if I do too much bending . . . sleep is okay but not the stellar I’ve-just-been-knocked-out experience of yore . . .

You know, overall, I feel good. I’ve been blessed by such an easy pregnancy.

Emotions: It’s dawning on me more than ever that the end of an era is approaching. We’re no longer just a couple, but a family. And the territory we’re entering, though it’s been walked by billions of people before us, feels totally uncharted. I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t make my heart race faster, and my knees feel weak.

I know there are going to be joys we can’t imagine, but my mind tends to focus more on the  snares we can’t anticipate, can’t prepare for, can’t foresee. Temptations, pitfalls, all that–I feel like I’m going to have to learn how to walk all over again, in a sense. Learn how to live in a totally new way.

But I’m reminding myself that I don’t have to focus on the fear of the unknown. Because while it’s unknown to me, it’s not unknown to God, and he will be walking beside me and ahead of me guiding me through each part of my life’s path. I don’t have to worry, because God will never call me to suck it up and figure it out on my own. He’s got it figured out, and he’s the great Teacher.

Hopes and dreams: Right now I’m just hoping that, by God’s strength and grace, I will be a good wife throughout this whole thing. I don’t want to neglect my husband at any point, no matter how tired or Alice-focused I am at the beginning. I hope and pray that my husband will never have occasion to think that he’s dropped in my heart’s priority list. I want to cherish him, be sensitive to his needs, listen to him, and never put a “pause” button on being his best friend and companion.

Will I be strong and loving enough to do this?

Well . . . no. But with God, in faith I say “yes.”

What I miss: The energy that used to carry me through the day. Like, I used to get home from work, clean the house, exercise, and then cook a meal–sometimes an elaborate meal! Sometimes with multiple courses involved. (!?) Now I get home from work, and if I do cook, I’m using all my self-control to push through the experience, because I really don’t want to be doing anything but resting. Don’t even talk to me about working out and cleaning in the same day. Uh-uh.

What I’m looking forward to: There’s a certain tiny red Christmas cardigan. Alice should be fitting it right around the holidays . . .

Husband update: Seeing his excitement about the future is so encouraging to me. Happiness is contagious!

Have a great weekend, my friends! Pictures of the progress in Alice’s room next week!

23 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Sarah

    I loved your description of how Alice stretches…pretty similar to Everett. Now, it is my favorite thing to watch him do. He makes the most hilarious faces when he is stretching, arches his back, produces a double chin, and has the funniest facial expressions. It brings me such great joy to think he looked like that inside of me all those times I felt him do this! Can’t wait to meet your little Alice. SO excited for you and Adam!

  2. Layla

    I visited Tonya A. from IC yesterday and she is so genuinely happy when I told her about you loving your new job and also told her your having a little girl! 🙂

    Oh and your “bins” x5 comment made me burst out loud laughing!!!!

  3. Amy W

    Hello! I came across your blog through a friend’s blog and have been reading for a few months now. It’s starting to feel rude that I’m reading and not commenting, maybe even a bit stalkerish, which is not something I was aiming for! Hope you don’t mind if I stick around to hear about your adventures? : ) I think you have a great, easy to read writing style, and I love your photos too!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey Amy! Of course I don’t mind if you stick around. Commenting or not commenting are both fine and dandy with me–there are plenty of blogs I read without commenting regularly on, so I don’t think that’s stalkerish in the least, heh heh. And thanks for making yourself known. =)

  4. giselle

    You look more amazing each week! Exactly what a happy pregnant girl should look like. I can’t wait for Alice to get here!

    BTW – did your sister Heidi have her baby? Did I miss a post??

    1. Jenna Post author

      Heidi hasn’t had her baby yet–I think her due date might be in a week or so? I’ll make sure to say something about it when it happens!

  5. Kimby

    Jenna, that lighter feeling you mentioned in your “Body” re-cap used to be called “The Nesting Stage” back in the day (don’t know if it’s still referred to as that), but it generally occurs a few weeks prior to delivery. (Kinda like a last chance to get it done while the gettin’s good!) Lil’ Miss Alice is getting ready for her arrival!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Ooooh . . . I did have a dream last night that my water broke and Alice came a couple weeks early . . . it’s crazy to think that she could really be born at any moment now.

  6. Tobi

    You look lovely, Jenna! I am excited to see how 2 becoming 3 goes for you guys. I think that it is so much harder for those of us who’ve been alone with our mate for so long. All we know is the two of us (and we like it that way)! It is one of my fears with starting a family as well. I think the fact that you two are so happy already that your joy will continue to increase and your relationship–while it may have growing pains–will become even stronger with the addition of little Alice. XO

  7. Missy

    I will always remember the time when we went to Cedar Point and John was tall enough to ride the Magnum. It didn’t hurt that he had on sneakers with a tall sole! Mike said he face was priceless during the ride, but he was so proud afterwards. We still haven’t taken our kids but hope to soon.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Awww . . . I can just imagine the look on little John’s face. It will be exciting when your kids go for the first time! Maybe next year, when Alice has her first trip? =)

  8. Suzie

    I’m a big fan of bins too, they’re so convenient. I can’t believe you can still tuck Alice away, that’s so crazy. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Cedar Point, I try to make it each year also. It’s about 3 1/2 -4 hours from my house, depending on traffic. How long does it take Adam to get there? It would be awesome to meet you guys there someday 🙂 The no milk/dairy thing would be hard…yikes! You’re right your in the home stretch now 🙂

    1. Jenna Post author

      YAY–I love that you are a Cedar Point fan! It’s about a 5 hour drive from Chicago, I think. It would be fun to meet up there someday! We’ll have to touch base in the summers to come . . .

  9. Veronica

    Oh no! I forgot you were going off dairy when I sent the cookies. I hope they got to you before you went off of it but if not, and they’re not already in the trash, you can totally freeze them–they last great in the freezer. The only dairy they have is butter, and not much of it (three tablespoons for the whole recipe), but still, it’s dairy.

    You’re looking fabulous as ever! You motivate me to lose weight so that I won’t be a blimp when/if I get pregnant. LOL! I weigh more now than you do at 9 months pg. Yikes! No obese pregnancy for me, thanks! haha

    I love your thoughts on becoming a family and looking forward to things like vacations, and preparing yourself to still keep Adam a priority.

  10. Heather Michelle @ A Sweet Simple Life

    You look lovely, Jenna. 🙂 We are starting to think about kids and it’s been really encouraging to read your preggo posts. I hope you don’t mind!

    Also, I recently went off dairy for an elimination diet and I used coconut milk in my coffee. I prefer the canned, trader joe’s law fat coconut milk. I put it in the fridge so it’s gets thick. Sometimes (when I have time, ha!), I whip it a little first. Def not creamer, but an ok substitute. Then again, tea is great too!

  11. Lonnita

    How exciting for you…I just had to comment on the Cedar Point trip. My husband and daughter go to Kings Island or Holiday World for the weekend every year (for the past three…she’s only eight) and I stay home. I take that opportunity to have some me time or go away with my book club. I’ve found that it is very theraputic for me and it refreshes me to be a better wife and momma.

  12. Kate

    I love your concern for hubby and I remember the same thing. We felt like such a “team” we couldn’t imagine adding anyone to it. And then I remember crying at night laying next to my husband and feeling so grateful he was the father of the baby in the next room. It really does make you more close!


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