Wisconsin baby part-ay

I am long overdue in sharing about my weekend in Wisconsin with my sister Erica.

In part, because my extended family is so larger than life that it seems no words of mine could convey what it’s like to gather with them.

The wonder, the chaos, the ridiculousness, the fun.

The love, the generosity, the intensity.

So I’ve decided to take the pressure off myself and just share some of the fun images, and let you draw the conclusions that you will draw! It’s been well over a month now, and letting these images sit any longer would be a crime.

I absolutely must start with this picture of Big Jake.

What a grandfather. If my calculations are correct, he should be turning 90 this year.

He and Mama Kitty are the most interestingly eccentric people ever. For a fun tour of their chaotic, crazy, hidden-treasure-filled home, I refer you back to this post from last Christmas. Which (as you may recall) propelled me into a purging frenzy the moment I got home. Thank you, mannequins in the living room, for planting that Seed of Purging that ultimately made my house a better place to be.

Anyway, we love ’em.

The grandparents, that is . . . the mannequins we merely tolerate.

I also have to state that I love my cousins.

Cousin talk is the best!

Especially when it happens on a blow-up mattress in a nicely air-conditioned space.

And this is Aurora, with whom I spent a summer at 11 years old playing Barbies (who were alternately ice skaters in the Olympics, hard core campers in makeshift teepees, or maidens of the forest by the creek).

Aurora now has 4 precious kiddos of her own.

With a 5th on the way!

When did we grow up???

Aurora also represents my connection to the Slattery family, an amazing, large, multi-talented farming family which includes the lovely Kate and the beautiful Mary (two of Aurora’s sisters-in-law):

I have been following the blog these sisters co-write ever since they started it, and it’s one of my favorites. Kate is about to have another little one to join Olympia, and WOW does she carry that baby (both the baby in the womb as well as her toddler) with elegance!

Of course, as a dancer and harpist and also someone who is over 6 feet tall but rocks heels with a vengeance, I expected no less from her.

The party was for all the pregnant women–me, Aurora, Kate, and Rachel–as well as two of Aurora’s girls who had birthdays that week–and it was also a goodbye party for Erica, who is moving to Arizona. It may have been a party for more people too . . .

. . . but I forget. My family’s philosophy is: why do a party for one person when you can do a party for six or seven instead?

Why indeed.

The more the merrier!

The more chaos reigns, the more my family seems to thrive.

The ability to blossom and thriveย in chaos was somehow not genetically passed on to yours truly, so I took many, many naps while there.

And no, you may not ask why the living room is plastered, coated, and indeed almost completely hidden by Christmas stuff.

But you may ask who this cutie is!

His name is Jason, and he was taking a walk with his grandpa, my Uncle Tom.

Anyway folks, I leave you with pictures of me and the pile of presents. Thanks to everyone for the lovely, lovely gifts, which I am working on unpacking into Alice’s room right now!

(by the way, that blanket I’m unwrapping is a GORGEOUS quilt handmade by my sister Erica, seamstress extraordinaire and previously dubbed Nimblefingers the Great)

(a little green outfit also made by Nimblefingers!)

I think I have the most generous family in the world. I love you all, you crazy, energetic, wonderful bunch!

13 thoughts on “Wisconsin baby part-ay

  1. kate

    Jenna, you are incredible, and you do indeed come from an amazingly creative, generous, beautiful family- beautiful in every way. What great pictures! I am so grateful to have connected with you, in blogs and in real life. p.s. we are still searching for the perfect princess dress for your little one when she is not so little. -kate

  2. Veronica

    What a wonderful shower/everything party! Your family seems so awesome. It was also cool to see some of the Sweet Ridge Sisters there as I used to follow their blog too. I’m sure you’re already well aware but this is the first time I really noticed how Erica is like a younger twin to your Mom! They look so much alike! That’s so cool. And I love that you got to wear a crown-haha! Was that just for the pregnant ladies?

    1. Jenna Post author

      I know–Erica and Mom do look really alike!
      And the crowns were for everyone being celebrated–the pregnant ladies, birthday girls, etc.

  3. Suzie

    You do have a large family, whereas mine is very small. That looks like so much fun to all be together like that. Big Jake was rockin’ his shades! Your sisters gifts are precious. I’m envious of her sewing skills ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, I love seeing your family/extended family in pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Whitney

    Looks like so much fun!! My best friend (and a ton of my other friends) all live in the Phoenix area. Not sure where Erica is moving, but if she ever needs anything I ‘d love to introduce her to my crew there!

  5. Kate

    What a wonderful family! I just spent loads of time with my family and I’m always struck with the humor – no one gets your humor or makes you laugh like your own family!

  6. Carmen

    Hi Jenna!!

    I love your pictures of Big Jake. I’m digging his sunglasses and cool beard. My grandpa actually turned 91 this March…crazy! I insisted we put all 91 candles on the cake, haha. Perhaps I’ll blog about it in the next week. You’re welcome to read if you like.

    Happy Sunday!


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