Three crazy sisters

My mom, my aunt Jacquie and my aunt Jessie–how I love them.

Sometimes me and my sisters, Erica and Heidi, wonder how our relationships with each other will look as we grow older, and how similar or different we’ll be from our mom and her two sisters.

When mom, Jacquie and Jessie get together . . . well, there are no words. I seem to be saying that about my family a lot recently, but seriously–what could be said that would explain the dynamics better than these images do?

In 20-30 years, will Alice be taking pictures just like these of Erica, Heidi and me?

Time will tell.

12 thoughts on “Three crazy sisters

  1. giselle

    In that first picture, I see you, Heidi, and Erica in that order. That’s just based on looks.. how close is that in personality? =)

  2. Twinky

    being the white-haired one of the 3 Sisters, I am therefore the wisest even tho the youngest!! SO!! What I say, Jenna, is that you and your sisters develop your own most mahveluus 3 Sisterhood =). And I hope you will all be able to do a “3 Sisters Trip” like we did! Perhaps Alice will be one of 3 sisters….?!?!?! Long Live 3 Sisterness!!

  3. Veronica

    I think it’s so cool how your mom and three sisters, and then she had three girls. It would be even cooler if one of you girls followed suit. 🙂 I just have to ask–what were they doing? I love how the girl in the background is just smiling through it all, looking like this is totally normal. ahaha Were these taken at Grandma Kitty’s house? I can’t help but notice the huge rack of hats!

    BTW, how freaking beautiful is your Mom?!!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Yes! These were totally taken at Mama Kitty’s house. I have no idea what they were doing–only that I was snapping pictures while my cousin Aurora looked on from the background. =)
      And yes . . . I DO have a beautiful mom!

      1. Twinky

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!! As for what we were doing… who knows?! Being silly, acting crazy, and “performing” for the camera–or perhaps behaving in a way that would embarass our children… you know parents are paid to do that!!

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