The new apartment: Version 1.1 (in chaos)

Just a quick plug for this amazing local company called “The Professionals”: they made this move the best and easiest move we’ve ever made. And we’ve moved kind of a lot.

I resisted hiring movers for a long time, while my husband chipped away at my stubbornness. Finally, I wised up and gave in. I am SO glad I did.

The skinny: 3 guys showed up at our old apartment at 8:20 am on Friday the 17th. They immediately dug into our pile of boxes, which seemed to disappear into the truck downstairs faster than what I could account for. “What . . . ? Where . . .?” I asked myself as the livingroom went from full to empty in a flash.

They shrink wrapped and protected furniture with pads. They moved quickly and efficiently. Within 2 hours, the apartment was empty and they were pulling away to drive the truck to our new place. They unloaded us in 2 hours as well, and we were waving goodbye to this fabulous trio by 12:30pm. Nothing was damaged. It came to just over $400 (well under the estimate), and we had all day wide open to unpack and move stuff around.

What a great deal. I know this won’t be the case for everyone in every situation, but for us, this really beat the experience of recruiting friends to do all the hard lifting (though I love all our friends dearly), worrying about picking up and dropping off a truck (not to mention driving it in this crazy city), experiencing massive headaches over when the couch should be loaded in, strategizing about whether the bookcases should line the side of the truck or go in last, and debating about how to angle that loveseat so that it doesn’t scratch the wall. These professional movers knew exactly what to do.

I think I’m in love. I’m in love with moving. And I can’t wait to move again!

Just kidding.

But seriously, it was 100% painless.

On that note, here are some pictures from that afternoon, after the movers had driven away.

We’ve been trying to make repairs on little annoying broken things as we move them in. Moving is a great time to fix stuff that’s been lingering on the to-do list.

And check it out! Our old dresser is a perfect fit in the laundry/linens area, to store our blankets and sheets and such.

Yay for getting settled!

It’s satisfying and wonderful. This is the fun part.

More pictures will come (because by now it’s looking drastically different! Homey, organized . . . aaaaah).

In the meantime, I’ll have you know that tomorrow is our big Ikea trip, so I’ll be incommunicado all day basking in the wonder of that magical store. Wheeeee!

15 thoughts on “The new apartment: Version 1.1 (in chaos)

  1. Kay

    Glad to hear you hired movers! Money well spent. We don’t want our baby girl stressed, right? Looks like you have a beautiful, airy space for you three! 🙂

  2. Paloma

    Que bonito apartamento Jenna!!! El cambio siempre supone un pequeño caos, pero luego se disfruta mucho. Además Alice va a vivir en un lugar luminoso y con unos fantásticos padres!. Cuídate mucho…ordena y coloca, pero con descansos ¡eh?

  3. Tobi bakken

    Oh Jenna! I love your new place! It’s so full of light and you are going to make it so homey and lovely, I’m sure. I love the decorating/rearranging process. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  4. Veronica

    I see you have saved revealing the new bedroom set for the “settled” pictures. Aw shucks I was looking for it! lol OK, fine, I’ll be patient. It would be hard for me to put down $400 for something we could do ourselves, but it does sound so much nicer. Moving is such a pain, it hurts to think about. To make it painless….yup, worth the money. Have fun at Ikea! I’ve never been to an Ikea in my life but I’ve seen pics so I’ll be jealous of you over here in KS! lol

    1. Jenna Post author

      Actually we haven’t yet purchased the bedroom set–we hope to find one at Ikea tomorrow. =)
      And yes, it was initially hard for me to accept putting money down for something we could do ourselves (that’s why I fought Adam for so long on it =). But in the end, it would have cost us $ anyway to rent a truck, pay for gas and insurance, buy copious amounts of pizza for all our helper friends, etc., so in the end a difference of maybe $200 was totally worth it!

  5. Suzie

    Having the movers do it for you sounds great. The last time we moved was only 6 miles away and still it seemed to take 2,000 trips back and forth. I’d gladly pay a moving company. I don’t even know if we have them around here though. Glad you’re getting settled in and I hope your shopping trip goes well 🙂

  6. Vesselina

    Oh she’s a beauty, Jenna! And… truer words were never spoken on hiring movers – when I made the trek across town, they arrived at 8am one sunny Saturday morning and all of my “big” stuff was in its new place by 10:30 that same morning. There were other small items, of course (clothes, linen, etc.) to move on my own but that was so much more manageable than the heavy lifting. Congratulations on a delightful space with all the bells and whistles 🙂

  7. Sydney

    I’ve never heard many reviews (good or bad) on moving companies, so I’m glad to hear a positive one. It makes me super nervous at the thought of giving up that control and having special things break! But good to know there’s a great company out there, albeit being half a country away from me. 🙂

  8. the pajama chef

    i totally want to hire movers when we move late this year or early next… even if it’s only to load/unload the truck. i’ve heard such good things & it’s so worth it if it makes the process more efficient! 🙂

  9. Megan

    Hmm..I never thought of using a moving company before. That sounds awesome! It can be really tricky (and usually takes all day) to try to fit everything in a truck, especially if you have like 10 people with different opinions of how to pack it! 🙂 I’ve also discovered that moving things with young children around is REALLY hard. Even just moving a few pieces of furniture around inside the house can be tricky. You always need to have somebody watch the kids, and therefore that somebody can’t help move stuff.


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