32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks, completed 08/14/12.

Weight gain: Not sure, but fun detail–one of the pairs of maternity jeans that I bought on this early-pregnancy shopping trip is, um . . . too small. Like, my thighs and butt are too large to comfortably live in them.

So long, cute dark-wash cropped jeans. I didn’t realize my fatty reserves were going to render you obsolete so early in the game.


There you have it.

Clothes: I made a Target trip to find something to labor in. I wanted a nightgown type thing in really soft material, stretchy so that I can pull it up and down and all around if necessary, with no tags (I could see myself growing frantic if there was any tagalicious scratchiness while I was trying to focus on getting through a contraction, know what I mean?). After trying on the entire sleepwear section in the store, I found the perfect thing! And just in time, because I’m pretty sure I was singlehandedly keeping the dressing room staff inundated with work. The result: a short sleeveless nightgown, super soft, stretchy, the whole works . . . except for the color (bubble gum pink), but I don’t think anyone’s going to be taking my picture, so I can live with it. Especially since the only other color available was a weird minty green reminiscent of badly painted elementary school walls.

Of course, while at Target, I also browsed around beyond sleepwear and got another maternity tank, a nice stretchy jersey skirt and a couple long (though non-maternity) tops. Most of which were on clearance, in my defense . . . and our ability to do laundry AS OF NOW in our new apartment is about to free up all sorts of clothes that have been languishing in the hamper for months while I avoided the over-heated laundromat like the plague.

So give me time to do a few more loads and it will feel like I just went shopping–again.

Purchases: Besides some clothes for myself, nothing new for little Alice. But now that we’re transitioning into our new place, it will become more evident what I still need to get.

Body: I don’t feel like there’s much to say here . . . oh, except that as I was relaxing on the couch in a very unlady-like position and not extremely clad either, I realized that I could see a vein running all the way up my inner thigh. It almost looked like some dye from my jeans had rubbed off along that inner seam–but no. It’s a vein, baby. It’s kind of cool. As long as it doesn’t go varicose on me!

Sleep: It’s actually been a great week for sleep! Every time I get up to pee, I do 10-30 squats before getting back into bed, and that helps rid my legs of the antsy restlessness that could otherwise keep me tossing and turning.

Best moment(s) of the week: Hard to say, but some highlights were our next-to-last Bradley Method class on breastfeeding, realizing that the awesome temp that started at the office is going to work out perfectly, reveling with my husband in our 7 years of marriage on Monday . . . life is good.

Movement: Somersaults, body rolls, limbs pushing all about–it’s great.

Food cravings/aversions: None come to mind.

Symptoms: Besides my more-visible-than-ever veins, I can’t think of any symptoms other than feeling somewhat more tired than usual and taking stairs S-L-O-W-L-Y (and I mean slowly). And of course continuing to get up to pee 2-3 times per night.

Emotions: My friend Sarah just had her baby, Ethan William. I haven’t met the little guy in person yet, but the moment I saw the announcement on facebook, it was Waterworks Unlimited. I cried . . . and cried . . . and cried.

My brother-in-law wasn’t quite sure what to do with me.

Pregnancy really does result in a precious, tiny baby. This isn’t just some body thing that I’m going through–there is a day when it will be over, and a small creature will be snuggled in the crook of my arm.

My husband and I also watched some highlights from the Olympics online (side note: NOT the great experience that NBC promised–I think we may have to get a TV next time the Olympics are happening). But the point is, there was this commercial by P&G with the tag line “proud sponsor of moms” or something that showed a mom cheering on a gymnast. Then there’s this moment when (sniff) it shows an old snapshot of that mom holding her daughter when she was a tiny, red, scrunchy baby and . . . I cried every darn time that commercial played. Which was every time we watched a clip online.

Hopes and dreams: I basically just can’t believe that my due date is under 2 months away. When it hits me, my brain goes into happy mushland.

What I miss: Nothing this week!

What I’m looking forward to: Settling into our new place . . . more about that soon.

Husband update: I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I’m so glad we’re taking this Bradley Method class. As much as my husband loves to read and is an avid researcher in the realms of his schooling, he hasn’t gravitated towards reading tons about pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and the like on his own. I mean, if I hand him a book and say “please read this chapter–it’s important to me,” he’ll do it. But he doesn’t just pick them up in his spare time for kicks like I have done. So having this class setting where we get to learn all this information together has been, in my mind, invaluable. It’s been the perfect arena for him to gather and absorb all the information and then process it with me, and has saved me from feeling like I have to force him to read a bunch of books.

I highly recommend taking a birthing class with your partner! I wondered at first if the cost and the time commitment were going to be worth it, and at this point, the answer is clearly a huge YES for us.

Well, here’s to getting as settled as possible over the weekend–I’ll be posting pics of our new digs soon!

15 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. Jenny @ Words On Wendhurst

    depending on what your nightgown is made of, could you dye the bubblegum pink into something darker? a dark gray, or black or even a purple? I’m sure it will be totally fine, but if it’s important to you, dyeing might work! 🙂

  2. Layla

    As long as it doesn’t go varicose on me —-> LOL!! that’s hilarious (how you said it)! 🙂

    I ALWAYS wanted to take those classes, but Josh and I couldn’t afford it, turns out I’m glad we didn’t bother since I ended up needing a c-section anyway, though I’m sure if we took the classes the bonding experience wouldn’t have been wasted even though we ended up needing a c-section. Though the other irony is I don’t know how I would have attended, I was so tired, it was nearly impossible to drag myself to a car seat class one evening.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying those classes!

  3. TheKitchWitch

    Ah motherhood. Sappy commercials will never fail to make you weep from now on! You look adorable in that outfit! Also, can I have your new address? I have something for Miss Alice 🙂

    1. Jenna Post author

      Thank you Kitch!! That is so sweet of you. The best address is actually my work address:
      Jenna Satterthwaite
      3150 N Campbell Ave
      Chicago IL 60618
      . . . reason being that we don’t have a mailbox key yet for our new place because the previous tenants never returned them (heh heh), so there you have it.

  4. Twinky

    So, where is the picture of the amazing baby-disappearing act???? I am always curious to see how much you can pull Alice in away from public display–truly an amazing feat.

    I bet you now know why I cried watching certain movies when you girls were younger… Once a mother, always a mother. Those tender images will always grab you!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Whoops! I totally forgot that . . . I was on mission with some packing business that day so we made these pictures snappity-snap. But this coming week I will endeavor to remember!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Haha! That’s awesome. I’ve been thinking the time will come when I’ll do that too, which is why I’m so happy it’s stretchable. I can pull the top down, or pull the whole thing off really easily.

  5. Suzie

    Yep, those commercials will get you! Your looking great as always. I was looking for the disappearing belly too, but I see you answered your Mom. I hope you’re enjoying your new apartment and the washer and dryer! 😉

  6. Veronica

    Two months seems like a long time but it will fly by! Alice will be here before you know! Wheee! OK, when is your due date again? Oct 13? I think I remember it being around that time since my birthday is too. I’m voting she’ll come early on October 8th…because that is my birthday and that would be so cool. 🙂

    P.S. What is wrong with bubblegum pink? Best. Color. Ever.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Due date is October 10th . . . so soon! And it would be so cool to have her birthday be the same as yours. =)
      And nothing is wrong with bubblegum pink . . . but my complexion ain’t exactly suited to it. =)

  7. Sarah K.

    I can’t wait for you to meet Ethan! He’s so little and snuggly right now. Although, I have to warn you about something I discovered this week. Once your milk comes in and you think thoughts like “oh, this precious tiny baby!” There will be tears and milk going everywhere. 🙂 it’s crazy.
    I ended up wearing a bandeau type bra through most of my labor. I used my Be Band from Target. I ended up wearing it pretty much the whole time I was in the hospital because I could easily slip little soothing gel pads in there while we were getting started with breastfeeding. I didn’t mind wearing the hospital gown on top of it though once I was in the maternity ward.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Sarah, I’m dying to meet him!! And thanks for the forewarning on the tears and milk everywhere. I can’t wait to sit down with you and hear all the details about what to expect.


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