Picking up the keys tomorrow . . .

Tomorrow morning, before I head into the office, we pick up the keys to our new place.

I have to admit I’m nervous.

Excited . . . but nervous.

There’s not even anything specific I’m worried about (though I don’t trust my memory of how exactly the place looks and is laid out since I haven’t seen it since . . . May?).

It feels kind of like tomorrow is Christmas morning. One of those Christmases when you’re a kid and you think you know what’s inside those lovely packages under the tree for you, and you’re really pumped about what you think they contain . . . but you’re not 100% sure that your desires are going to be realized. Did Mom remember that I really, really wanted Malibu Barbie? you ask yourself. I think that oblong package looks like it’s a Barbie, but . . .

Not that I ever wanted Malibu Barbie.

But anyway, I’m rambling.

I will take pictures of the empty space, and update you all as we unpack, organize, and decorate.

In the meantime, I hope I can sleep tonight.

8 thoughts on “Picking up the keys tomorrow . . .

  1. Liz

    And then you get the keys to my Fit in less than TWO months! Aaaahhh! Can’t wait to pass Hissy (the) Fit to you guys. Hope you can get some sleep!

  2. Suzie

    My son and his wife are moving into their apt. today. She is due a couple weeks before you. I love watching both of your “new” phases of life beginning :) I hope you can sleep and happy moving Jenna!

  3. Carrie

    Goodness, I can’t believe it’s time already! Yayyyy!!! Wish we could be there to help. Hey, while you’re at it — ya know, all the stuff’s in the truck and all — you may as well just add 14 hours to the move and mosey on down here. 😉


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