Seven years

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.

I had just turned 22. I had been to almost no weddings, since we were among the first of our group of friends to tie the knot. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t get a manicure, or research hairdressers, or even think about my hairstyle until the morning of the wedding (!?).

Basically, I was blissfully caught up in my man and completely unconcerned about everything else.

Even though I had a terrible hairdo, mostly hate the pictures (I’m only sharing ones I can tolerate and have Photoshopped, heh heh) and would basically do everything differently if I had to do it again, I still cherish this day so much. Because, as my dad said, it’s not the wedding but the marriage that counts.

I’ve always remembered him saying that, and taken comfort in the fact that despite my willy-nilly approach to wedding planning, my general lack of preferences and research, and all the moving parts I failed to even think about–the wedding is secondary. Make that extremely secondary.

The point is this beautiful relationship, and August 13th just happened to mark the first day of it.

I had waited for this day for so long, it seemed like it would never come. After 4 years of striving for self-control and trying to stay physically pure amidst our obsession with each other, I could hardly believe that in one day the boundaries would go away, and we would be free. (And oh was it ever worth the painfully difficult wait–young, umarried thangs take note!)

So I guess our throw-it-together/we-have-no-idea-what-we’re-doing/who-cares-anyway approach is kind of precious. We were young. We’d been dating for 4 years and just wanted to get to the good part. The part where I didn’t have to go home at the end of each evening together.

After all, what are drooping hairstyles and bad pictures when I was about to become one with the man God had gently and securely tied to my heart?

Happy anniversary, baby! I’ve loved every year . . . every month . . . every day.

18 thoughts on “Seven years

  1. vicki

    Awww…this is so sweet Jenna…you are too hard on yourself about the are lovely and there is absolutely no perfect wedding, but like your Dad said, it’s the marriage that counts.
    HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY!! and just think you have a little bunchkin to celebrate with you!

  2. Jesse

    This is such a precious post! And I think you look beautiful. My husband and I got married at 20 years old and I gave next to zero thought about the wedding. We were outside, had our pastor marry us, had a picnic, and it was done! We only have like two pictures of just the two of us from that day, haha. You are exactly right to have it in perspective the way you do. We’re 8 years married, 12 years together, and going strong. I still think about putting a big party together for our 10 year though :o).

  3. Suzie

    I think you look beautiful Jenna! This is a lovely post and you (and your Dad) definitely are right it’s the marriage that matters. That last picture of you both is absolutely priceless! Happy Anniversary to you and Adam!!

  4. Amy

    22! I didn’t know whether I was coming or going at 22. You clearly are an old soul, my sweet Jenna. Love the black and white photos! Happy anniversary to you both <3 <3

  5. giselle

    You all look so young!! I’m so glad that the past seven years have brought you so much happiness! Here’s to many, many, many more!

    1. Layla

      I have to agree with Sydney, I had no clue by how beautiful the pictures look that you feel about your wedding the way Josh and I did with ours, lol, but I do understand!
      I’ll have to send you some of our wedding pictures, it’s probably the only thing I DID like about it, but all the lack of even knowing what we wanted (and lack of $) resulted in a really bland court house “wedding”.
      Enough about me…..happy anniversary! 🙂

  6. Laura

    Love it, Jenna. Perfect and true perspective (possibly because I feel bit the same about mine 🙂 I was 24 (due to extra school!)–had also waited just about exactly 4 years (met Oct 2nd, 1999 (and began dating almost immediately) married Oct 4, 2003). I’d had some wedding experience, since I was the 3rd of my sisters married, but being one of 3 girls means things are simple–especially when all 3 get married within 17 months or something like that. We just missed the high-tech era of digital photos and videos being the norm, etc., so my momentos of the day are also simple, but the memories of the joy of the day are perfect. I love my simple, traditional rings too. We were young, we were in love, we took our vows seriously and are growing in them every day… happily ever after 🙂 The pictures you shared are great–they are lovely and show your joy and delight in each other!

    1. Laura

      um… those smiley faces came out really cheesy once I submitted that comment… so just picture slightly less cheesy smiles when you read that. thanks. (ooh, it’s so hard not to type another smile)

  7. Kate

    You’re both lovely! Can my 13 year old daughter come and hang out with you? I pray and pray for her future and the boy she will be with. I mean I pray for him now, that he’s having a nice life and learning and growing well. I do want her to meet a nice boy and, more importantly, to know him when she does. I do believe the gift of a nice father is my best to her.

  8. Twinky

    Happy Anniversary!!! ….albeit a day late!! I forgot about ours the other day, too, until your Dad suggested we try out Father Fats for our anniversary dinner out….. and it was great!

    7 years–wow! God bless you both as you continue growing in oneness with the new addition of little Alice. Love and hugs,

  9. Veronica

    I really loved this–happy anniversary you two! I love hearing about couples who save themselves for marriage because that is definitely the exception any more. I’m sorry to say we were part of the crowd, as we weren’t Christians when we met. I’m always encouraged to find those that go into their relationships with a respect for God’s word–what an example you are! <3


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