26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks, completed 7/3/2012

Weight gain: After my quick weight gain in the last month, I’ve been more aware of what I’m eating and what quantities I’m eating. Not in an obsessive way–but (for example) I had a chance at fries once, and turned it down.

Can I get a HOO-HAH! from anyone out there on this major accomplishment?

Merci beaucoup.

Clothes: I really do need to go to a thrift store and get some more dresses. The hideous heat wave doth continue, leaving me no alternative but to cycle through the 6 dresses I can wear with my pregnant belly, that also don’t require me to wear leggings or camis underneath. The bottom line is that I’m starting to feel like I’m wearing the same dress every single day. Unfortunately the heat also prevents me from washing these dresses at the non-air-conditioned laundromat, where the heat index is probably topping 120 degrees as we speak. So the layers of sweat are accumulating, and soon, when the dresses are good and stinky and completely unfit to be worn, I may just have to hibernate in my bedroom, naked as the good Lord made me, until the fall.

“Where is Jenna?” my boss will wonder after I fail to show up at the office. And the sad answer will be–she ran out of clean, weather-appropriate clothes.

Okay, obviously that’s a horrible plan.

Which brings us to this: shopping seems to be the only real and practical solution. (Feel free to “HOO-HAH!” that one too)

Purchases: Nothing new this week, but Salvation Army/Plato’s Closet beware!

Body: I learned a TON at our 3rd Bradley class about the different stages of labor and what to expect–it was the best class to date, and I feel so much more prepared for this whole shindig. During the class I also learned that I’ve been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions for quite some time now! I had mistakenly thought that when I felt that pressure on the lower part of my uterus, Alice was just pushing against me. But no! That’s a practice contraction. Who knew!

And comments from strangers continue. Saturday night, as I was going to and from a dinner party, four different people made comments–four!

One commenter is a 50-something neighborhood staple who hangs out on the sidewalk with his Lincoln Navigator pretty much 24/7. We call him “Condo Man” because when we first moved in 3 years ago he approached us about buying a condo or something–very confusing at the time. Anyway, as I was making my way to the train station and walked by him, he said, “You’re looking fine! I’ve been noticing, you’ve been dressing real nice! Now you know if something happens, you know I’ll take care of you and that baby!”

I was hard pressed to say anything but “Oh! . . . well, um, . . . thanks.” Looks like I have a back-up Baby Daddy if something happens to my husband.

Heh heh.

A little further down the street, a group of guys (possibly Condo Man’s friends) said “Oh, she’s pregnant! How far along are you, sweetie?”

“6 months!” I replied, smiling and continuing to walk on by.

Friendly calls of “You so small, girl!” and “Lookin’ good!” and “You take care of yourself now!” followed me down the sidewalk.

On the El ride home after dinner, a guy offered me his seat (which I turned down–way too hot to sit!), but then got up and made small talk with me. “So!” he said “Are you going natural or getting an epidural?” I can’t believe a random man asked me this, but he was very sweet, so I told him I intended to try for natural. “That’s great, if you can do it that’s great!” he encouraged me, “but that’s what my mama said and once the pain hit she was like–bring me the meds!!”

Then as I walked from the train back to the apartment, a guy walking towards me looked at me appreciatively for a handful of seconds before suddenly exclaiming in surprise, “She’s pregnant!”

I almost laughed out loud at this point.

Anyway, being pregnant in the city is quite the experience so far. Apparently everyone–and not just the womenfolk as I expected–has something to say about it.

And by the way, the freaky disappearing belly act continues!

Here’s everything as it stands naturally:

And, wait for it . . .

Let’s face it–I’m a circus freak.

Sleep: Great! Lovin’ every sweet second of it.

Best moment(s) of the week: I’d have to say the Bradley class. Three hours to talk and think about labor and delivery, with my wonderful husband taking all kinds of notes–it was just really great to have that focused time to learn together and think about what’s coming our way in three short months.

Movement: Alice finally deigned to perform! She always moves for my husband but tends to get inordinately quiet whenever someone else has a hand on my belly. But at my girls’ night dinner party on Saturday, at exactly the right time, she started thumping up a storm so that the entire circle of women could see my belly move. Yay! I love sharing her movements with others.

Food cravings/aversions: I’ve upped my fish intake–that is one recommendation from the nutritionist that I’m excited to undertake. I loooooove a perfectly cooked piece of salmon or tilapia.

Symptoms: Feelin’ hot hot hot . . . It’s hot. I’m sweaty.

I normally hate being hot anyway, but with the increased blood in circulation during pregnancy, I think I’m getting hotter more easily than the non-pregnant population. You can send your Hallmark sympathy cards to my office address*.

*And an accompanying batch of cookies would not be turned away at the door. Most definitely not. Just sayin’.

Emotions: Feeling pretty darn stable–excited, happy, the works.

Hopes and dreams: I’m looking forward to seeing Alice again during my 2nd ultrasound on the 16th.

What I miss: The large variety of summer clothes that used to be at my disposal.

What I’m looking forward to: Potentially having my mom come to help me shop for Alice’s room and set everything up, after our big move mid-August. Getting a room ready for my baby girl, I think, will make this whole thing come even more alive for me (emotionally speaking).

Husband update:  He also really enjoyed the Bradley class. I think he feels much more prepared with this arsenal of info–who wouldn’t? 

Anyway guys, have a great rest of the week. Stay hydrated and happy and all that good stuff!

Over and out!

15 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. Kay

    You are so beautiful, Jenna! And dad-to-be doesn’t look too bad either! 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet your little girl soon! Hugs.

  2. Kate

    Yes, you are a machine and it takes energy – and heat! I went through an entire Chicago winter, a cold one too, without ever buttoning my coat. That is unheard of from me because I run cold. You look wonderful! It’s funny how much people respond to pregnancy AND babies. I love that about humans! I labored while walking by a soup kitchen line and would occasionally hold onto the fence they were all standing against. They were very supportive!

  3. Suzie

    The back-up baby Daddy had me laughing! People do say the strangest things. I worked at a bar when I was pregnant. This guy came in ordered a beer and started talking to me, it was only him and I. Then he asked me when I was due and I said a week ago, I never seen someone drink a beer so fast!!! ha ha ha! 😉

  4. TheKitchenWitch

    I’m so glad I was never hugely pregnant with the girls in the summer. You could definitely tell with Miss M., but it wasn’t horrible. D. was a December baby, so nobody knew.

    Loving all the comments from strangers. It’s amazing how they’ll just blurt stuff out!

  5. Sydney

    Sorry you’re so hot over there! Come to Western Oregon for a cool-down if you need it. 🙂
    And your disappearing act is the best. So crazy!

  6. Joanne

    I can certainly understand all the comments! You are just about one of the CUTEST women that I know, pregnant or otherwise. I’ll be your baby daddy too in that “just in case” situation. Just sayin.

    I am SO doing the Bradley thing when I have a baby. It sounds amazing and totally like everything I’d want out of labor!

  7. Veronica

    It’s weird and funny that people suddenly think it’s OK to butt into your business just b/c you’re pregnant, but I think it’s something everyone can relate to so it automatically makes them feel closer to you. Maybe? Anyway you’re looking fantabulous as always and if I were a guy, I might be the one who was checking you out before saying, “Oh, she’s pregnant!” LOL! BTW, I love your hair, did you do a french braid on your right side, leading into the bun, or is that just a twist? Hope your Mom makes it for shopping-that will be so fun for you both.

    1. Jenna

      Yeah, based on my friend Jenny’s insight, I’m starting to see it more as people being in awe of the miracle of life, so when they see a pregnant woman they just want to be involved in this miracle as much as they can. I really liked that view.
      And this hairdo is becoming my staple these days!! Yes, it’s a tiny French braid to get my bangs out of my face (on one side) that I stop when it reaches my ear, and then I twist all the hair into a bun.

      1. Veronica

        I like that too. 🙂 I see hair stuff like that on Pinterest and I always pin it…but so far I’m too lazy to do a thing but let it air dry! Go Jenna! 🙂

  8. Julie M.

    Dang girl. You look amazing for six months. I think that was me at about 12 weeks. lol We’ll be up in your neck of the woods this weekend. I would love if you could order up some cooler weather for us!


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