23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks completed 06.12.2012

Weight gain: My next appointment with the midwives is Monday the 25th. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess. I guess 5. No, 50! No, wait, 5. Well . . . lemme think about it.

Clothes: My long tanks from Target (one of the biggest staples in my wardrobe) are starting to be . . . well, not quite long enough. I think I can make them stretch for a few more weeks, but I will soon need more torso coverage (yes, my torso is ridiculously long). I own three maternity tanks (in black and grey, and one with stripes–I’m wearing the black one in these pictures) and I may have to bust out some cash money to get more. I can’t have my pregnant midriff popping out–thatsa no good-a.

Purchases: Nothing this week. But I’m scheming.

Scheming along the lines of a raid on the Clybourne Ave. Salvation Army, where I will find all their cutest little girl dresses and make off with them into the night!

Body: Depending on what I wear, it can still look like I just ate a big meal instead of the real situation–that I’m actually growing a baby. The other day when I put on a cream-colored blouse to head out to work, my husband said, “Wow, you don’t look pregnant from the front at all.” I gave him an aggressive profile view. “How about now?” I asked. “Well . . .,” he pondered, “I don’t know if you look pregnant as much as . . .’what the heck is going on there?'”

He was right, and I knew it.

So in conclusion, I almost want to wear more belly-emphasizing clothes just so I’m not feeling defensive about looking pudgearrific when I prance about the city.

Sleep: It’s great! I wake up to pee about 3 times per night, but I kind of enjoy being up in the wee hours and getting to tell myself “oooooh . . . look at that! You have 3 more hours of delicious, delectable sleep! That’s enough time for another awesome dream!”

Best moment(s) of the week: Praying for our little girl has been wonderful. When I was in church and I was praying with Eric and Carrie before leading worship, I prayed that my little one would also be praising God while we sang. During the sermon, I prayed that God would be teaching her some of the same things we were learning. And I wonder if he was–because she was moving about like crazy.

Movement: Every few hours! And I love it just as much as ever. Even when she gives me the old jab to the bladder, which she has taken a liking to doing when I’m headed to or home from the grocery store. She’s there–she’s connected to me–and being reminded of that with her acrobatics is so precious.

Food cravings/aversions: Not much to report here. Except that I’ve been eating 3 meals a day–breakfast lunch and dinner–during my pregnancy for possibly the first time in my life (since I was a kid). When I was a teenager I boycotted breakfast (to the chagrin and distress of my parents). When I was in college I boycotted lunch. After college I boycotted many meals, sometimes just doing dinner at night, up until this very year. But when I found out I was having a baby, I knew that had to change immediately. So I did! And you know, it’s not a bad gig, this whole eating more frequently thing.

Symptoms: The occasional leg cramp, which I combat by flexing my foot. Having to pee almost constantly. Feeling more tired than I think I should. Nothing to complain about!

Emotions: Guys, I feel so much better than last week. Still a little up and down, overall more tired than I’d like, but much more at peace.

Hopes and dreams: I am now allowing myself to dream about our new apartment–because we signed a lease! We’re right next to the Devon Market, near the Loyola red line stop. Our lease starts August 15th, and we have a 2 week overlap with our old lease to give us time to move without too much of a crunch. After many years of craptastic kitchens and compromises to save money, I’m so excited about all the nice bits of this new place. Like the kitchen, which is lovely and wonderful . . . the in-unit laundry which we will experience for the first time in our marriage (I’m thinking we can get away with only 2 more trips to the laundromat until then? But maybe that’s wishful thinking . . .). And two bathrooms, with our own private one connected to the master bedroom! It’s seems so–decadent. Luxurious. We are certainly thankful. I know we can live and be happy in any conditions (and we have lived in many), but the blessing of this nicer space right before the Little Wa-Wa arrives just floods my heart with thankfulness to God, who didn’t have to give us all this–but did.

What I miss: Being able to wear all my clothes. I’m starting to feel restricted in my wardrobe selections, and I don’t know if I like where this is headed . . .

What I’m looking forward to: Entering the final trimester of pregnancy, which will happen July 10th. It seems like such a huge landmark–a thrilling one! And starting our Bradley Method classes Monday evening. I’ll tell you all about it during next week’s update!

Husband update:  He’s feeling really excited about our new apartment too, as the place where we will make the big change from couple to family.

Every time I feel our little girl move and my husband is within my reach, I feel compelled to grab his hand and push it onto my belly. “Do you feel that???” I ask. And then he does–and his eyes get wide. I love sharing those moments with him.

I love hearing him dream about the future and say things like “Jenna, this fall we’ll be hanging out in bed, just like this . . . but our little one will be right here with us.” It makes me tear up every time.

Love you guys!! Have a great weekend everyone! And speaking of laundromats, guess where we’ll be Saturday afternoon . . .

17 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Layla

    Such a great post, and I hope you do another “apartment tour” like you did of this one when you move! I love seeing homes and how they’re arranged and decorated etc.! I like how your husband has the teacup in his hand too, I immediately thought of the last blog post when I saw it….

  2. Suzie

    You look wonderful, your 3rd trimester is so close I can’t believe it. Probably because your still so tiny. So happy for you both on your new apartment and NOT going to the laundromat!

    1. Jenna Post author

      You can’t even know how excited I am that our laundromat days may be over! And I know–the 3rd trimester is looming. Wow.

  3. Jesse

    #1. You look beautiful and joyous. #2. How exciting about the in-unit laundry! My hubs and I had that once for 6 months, and then again for a year, out of 8+ years of marriage! I would live in a one-room efficiency with a murphy bed (which I’ve lived in before) if it had a washer and dryer in-unit. #3. I look forward to these posts every week! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Annie

    I’m thinking about your limited wardrobe selection and how, when you travel, you get used to having the few clothes that you take with you and stop feeling like you’re missing something. I wonder if you packed up your other clothes and hid them away, if you would start to forget about them and not feel as restricted. You just have a smaller wardrobe for the time being.

    1. Jenna Post author

      YES! I think you’ve landed on the solution. Maybe this weekend I’ll take a few hours and pack up the stuff I can’t wear, so it’s not there as a constant reminder of my limitations.

  5. Kimby

    Jenna, your pregnancy update posts are such a joy to read. LOVE that Lil’ Wa Wa was cavorting around during worship! 🙂 Congrats on the new apartment — hope you have some help lined up for the move — I would if I could!

  6. Veronica

    I can’t believe you’re almost to the third trimester! So happy for you getting a new place with a washer and dryer–that will be so nice! I know a family of thin women who are like you and only eat one meal or so a day, and they only eat things they love b/c what’s the point of eating something you don’t love? I’m thinking there may be something to this as I never skip a meal or a snack (lol) and look where that got me. Well, I guess you can’t see me but it’s not so pretty. My swimsuit has a skirt this year-haha!

    1. Jenna Post author

      I think it is actually healthier to eat smaller meals more frequently . . . so I don’t think my eating patterns have been ideal. But I’ll have you know that my swimsuit has a skirt too! So there. =)

  7. joanne

    I think you definitely look pregnant and not pudgeariffic at all! In the most gorgeous possible way. I’m so glad to hear your little one has been moving around up a storm…seems like she’s already got a lot of spunk like her mom.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Thanks Joanne! =) Keep slathering on the kind words–I’m sure I’ll need them the bigger I get!

  8. Julie M.

    Pregnancy really does suit you well Jenna! It’s so fun to read your weekly posts and think back on my own pregnancy memories. 🙂 Congrats on making it to 23 weeks. that was always a big milestone for me.


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