Black Bean Soup with Chorizo, Ham and Bacon

I recently started following a great little blog and decided to make Terri’s recipe for Black Bean Soup to feed a crowd of friends that was coming over for a game night. It’s a spicy, roasty wonder of a soup. I didn’t take step by step pictures–I’d just returned from a long weekend in Wisconsin the night that I made it, was pregnant and tired, and getting out the camera seemed like too supreme of an effort. Thankfully, after sampling the soup and swooning over and over again, I wised up and snapped some pics of the finished product that will hopefully drive you into the kitchen.

The printable recipe link is below, and guys . . . you should really put this on the menu soon.

Besides being easy to make, it goes fabulously with beer bread and rice, cheap and quick ways to fill a lot of stomachs. The soup is meaty and hearty, chunky and satisfying, and I highly recommend it. You may notice in the picture above that there are some flecks of orange–that’s the grease that had congelead overnight when the soup was in the fridge. I skimmed most of it off the top and then snapped a picture before it had really heated up.

I also want to mention that when it was fresh off the stove the first evening, the soup had considerable bite to it, but the spiciness really mellowed after a night in the fridge. I don’t think a single person complained about the spice level being too much to handle, but if you’re concerned you could always skip the chipotle chili. Only if you’re really worried though, because the flavor that it adds is seriously awesome.

And that pretty much wraps it up. Yes, you have observed correctly: I have nothing remotely amusing to say, no stories to tell (related or unrelated to this soup), and pretty much nothing interesting going on in my brain right now.


Will ponder situation at length later, when brain power returns.

Hope Tuesday is treating you right! On to another cup o’ coffee . . .

Click here for printer-friendly version: Black Bean Soup with Chorizo, Ham and Bacon

8 thoughts on “Black Bean Soup with Chorizo, Ham and Bacon

  1. Suzie

    All the meat in this is what I’m drooling over! It looks very tasty and filling. I love spice too, so not worried about that at all :)

  2. Veronica

    So glad you took a last minute photo before it was gone! I’ve not taken photos many times and sorely regretted it, as I rarely make a dish more than once so those that I don’t photograph usually are never shared, even if they’re the best thing ever! This sounds good but I don’t really do soup except in cooler weather and it’s officially summer weather here in KS. I’ll save it for later and I’m sure the anticipation will make it taste even better. :)

  3. joanne

    Oh stew how I still love these even though it’s sweltering. Bring on the spice baby. Maybe I’ll add TWO chipotles. live on the wild side.

  4. Giselle

    I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for the warning, I can’t take spicy at all! Also.. I prefer my soup creamy smooth.. What do you think about blending it all together? Could be yummy mmmmmnnnn. Yum!


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