19 Weeks

How far along: 19 weeks, completed 5.15.12

Weight gain: ? I’ll know next week after my Wednesday appointment. My guess is 4 pounds. I feel much rounder around the mid-section–I think I may have experienced the Pop. It’s pretty dang visible in that bias cut dress in the pictures, and caused my husband to remark multiple times throughout the day I wore it: “You’re pregnant!” with a tone of amazement.

Right before my belly decided to appear, I had noticed (due to manhandling myself frequently) that my level of squish was definitely up.

Is that normal? Do you all grab yourselves sometimes to test your level of squish?


The point is, a few days after the increase in squish, I realized that buttoning the top button of my skinny cords was no longer the most comfortable thing in the world.

And, to top it off, a lady stomped on my foot as she was boarding the El train I was on. She looked around a minute later to see who she had stomped on, and I heard her exclaim to her group of friends “Oh no! It was a pregnant lady!”

Hee hee!

Though what’s with this ‘lady’ thing? I feel too young for that. Let’s try for ‘pregnant girl’ next time.

Clothes: Still pretty comfortable in whatever, though I have to make sure my shirts are especially long-waisted since as the day progresses and I eat food, my belly pushes out a little more. And currently the top button of my pants is unbuttoned for maximum comfort. I think the baby is living exactly where my stomach used to be, so after dinner it’s like a belly explosion. And then, then next morning . . . poof! It’s greatly reduced (though it doesn’t completely disappear like before).

Purchases: I have a lot to share with you about Rummage! I hit up the Infants/Toddlers section on pre-sale day a few minutes after it opened, and made a bee-line for the baby carriers and bedding. The stuff I found . . . I can’t wait to show you. We’re talking 50 cents for crib sheets, a few bucks for a Baby Bjorn carrier, 50 cents for a little robe with bear ears on it–and the list goes on. I love a good deal! Now I just need to go back to my registry and take out the stuff that I found . . .

Body: Feeling great! My belly still disappears to a good extent if I lie down flat, but when I’m standing there’s definitely something there. And as you all have reminded me, there’s still plenty of time to grow in the 4 3/4 remaining months.

Sleep: This week was more challenging, but not for baby-related reasons. Staying in a hotel room with a bunch of ladies from my extended family during Rummage was a blast, but I was too amped up after the long days of working and shopping and talking and laughing to get into sleepy mode.

And immediately after Rummage, after a day of work at the office, my band had booked that Thursday night session at the recording studio. The tiredness from Rummage plus the anticipation of working and recording meant that the night before, I tossed and turned until the alarm went off. Ugh! Thankfully, as soon as those high-intensity experiences came to a close, my sweet regular easy sleep pattern came right back. And just in time, because I was feeling ti-yerd.

Best moment(s) of the week: Shopping with my cousins for the Little Wa-Wa, with great advice from June and Kristen, who helped me pick some great baby books, receiving blankets, etc.

Movement: Still not a lot–every now and then (like every couple days) I feel that popping sensation, but it’s not really regular, and not always really very noticeable or distinct. I tried to get my husband to feel it a few times, but all he could sense was my pulse.

Food cravings/aversions: Clean bill of health in this area! I love food again, pretty unreservedly, and without any super strong cravings either. My addiction to fries seems to have resolved itself with no drastic interventions necessary.

Symptoms: None that come to mind . . . I feel remarkably not pregnant.

Emotions: I have a slight feeling of unreality/disbelief about this whole thing. So I just keep cruising along with regular life, knowing that at some point I’ll realize this is real, and there will actually be an infant human being in my arms this fall.

No there won’t!

Yes there will.

Well . . . we’ll see.

Hopes and dreams: With the advent of some baby purchases, I’m really looking forward to finding a new apartment and moving at the end of August so that we can start putting together a little room for this little person. Right now there’s really no place to put this stuff, especially since my brother-in-law John has moved in with us for the summer (before his senior year of college) and is occupying the 2nd bedroom (Hi John! We love you and we’re so excited to have you!).

What I miss: Nada.

What I’m looking forward to: In 6 days, it’s ultrasound time. And, assuming the baby is amenable to our goals and not yet infused with a strong sense of modesty, next week I should be able to share with you if we’re having a boy or girl. Insane. I think that seeing the baby and knowing that much more about the little guy or gal will make this feel a lot more real.

Husband update:  Not much to say here–I just can’t wait to see his reactions and emotions during and after the ultrasound.

Honestly, I feel like I haven’t really seen him this past week–between Rummage (last Monday-Wednesday), recording Thursday evening with my band, a women’s ministry event Friday night and John moving in with us Sunday, time together has been at a premium. I’m thinking a date night is due.

Love you guys! Enjoy your weekends!


25 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. Erica

    Eeeee!!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! That lil belly suits you. Give ‘er a lil pat pat for me. And tell him/her “your auntie erica loves youuuu!!!”

    1. Jenna Post author

      Just gave myself a pat and told the baby he/she’s got a blonderrific bombshell for an aunt. =)

  2. joanne

    Aww you really DID pop!! (although, to be fair “pregnant” on you looks like “normal” on anyone else. miss skinny thang)

    And I agree, there’s a definite glow about you!

  3. Liz

    I am so excited for you and Adam to be parents. It makes me sad when my favorite married couples decide not to have children because they would raise some amazing people. So glad you two are bringing a person into this world!! p.s. My co-worker is 7.5 months preggo and I show her your updates from time to time and she is super jealous of your figure. She gained like 15 pounds at 4 months =)

    1. Jenna Post author

      Thanks Liz! And I almost wish I were gaining more weight, just because it would seem that much more real (though in the end I guess I’ll be grateful, once I start really feeling heavy and such).

  4. Suzie

    Aww…there is a little belly showing and I too agree with the glow!! You look great. I think the little belly made it more real for hubby. The ultrasound will make it more real for you both. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll be having 🙂

  5. Tobi

    I just love walking through this journey with you and I’m so thankful that you decided to share it with all of us! I teared up a little reading this (not sure why) but I’m so excited for you and seeing you go through all of it, makes it less intimidating for me (in the future)…if that makes any sense?! Have a great weekend! I hope you get some good one-on-one time with the hubster.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Makes total sense! Because I’ve followed along other pregnancy stories via the blogosphere before our turn came, and that made it much less scary.

      1. Tobi

        Hey Jenna, I gave you a shout out on my blog today…I’m not really sure what the Versatile Blogger award is or means, but I did list 15 of my fave blogs and you are at the top! xoxo

  6. Kelly

    Life has been making me miss yoga, and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since I last saw you! Glad you are doing so well!

  7. Veronica

    Yay for the Pop and being recognized as a “pregnant lady.” I’m sure that is so gratifying. That’s also great you don’t feel pregnant, but I’m sure by the end you will be sick of feeling pregnant-lol! You and Adam look fabulous–so excited for you! I’m voting for your girl with blue eyes and brown hair. 🙂

  8. Kate

    Hi! went to rummage too! I always park in my Mom’s friends’ driveway. Did you find an apt? My friend near Loyola U just emailed me. For rent: three-bedroom, two-bath apartment with two sun porches and
    lots of natural light for rent near Loyola in Rogers Park. Wonderful
    neighbor (me). Hardwood floors, new kitchen, dishwasher. Full
    beautiful dining room. Heat, water and laundry included. Close to
    redline, Uncommon Ground (the good one:-) )Loyola and Northwestern
    shuttles, Waldorf School, Sts. Gertrude’s and Ignatius parishes, 147
    bus and the beach. Garage space available for additional cost.
    Available August 1. Know of anyone interested? Contact me here or call 773-590-2569. Feel free to circulate!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey Kate! About the apartment, we’re interested! We haven’t found anything yet, but we’re looking in that exact area. I just left a message at the # you gave, and I’d love to see it . . . would this evening be too soon? Thanks so much for letting me know about it!

    2. Jenna Post author

      Hey again Kate–update–just talked to your friend, and though the apartment sounds AWESOME it’s a little out of our price range ($1850). So sad, because it would have been fun to have you as a neighbor!! Anyway, thanks again for passing on the info. =)

      1. Kate

        Hmmm. She told me to tell people 1750 – if that helps. Will keep my ears pealed (peeled?). Ha!

  9. Megan

    A mini-pop! How exciting!

    I just wanted to add my two cents about baby carriers, since I have a lot of experience carrying Kyle in many different settings and terrains (even different countries) and I wish I had learned more about it before he was born.

    Anyways, I think since you live in a big city and probably use public transport a lot that investing in a good carrier that is ergonomically good for both you and baby (unfortunately the Baby Bjorn is not, but I didn’t know that before he was born) is a really good idea. There are many options that are not necessarily available in main stream baby stores (at least not in my area). There are numerous kinds of wraps, structured back pack styles, semi structured tie around styles, etc. I highly recommend that anyone who is pregnant for the first time visit a babywearing group before the baby is born and bring a doll or something to practice using various carriers and see what you like. Babywearing groups can also give you tips on various weather and various activities which types of carriers would be better for, etc. They are a wealth of knowledge about a subject that is so common worldwide, but relatively unknown until recently here.

    My personal carrier experience is with a Moby wrap, Mei Tai and a Snuggi (or Snugli maybe?, which is very similar to a Baby Bjorn). Hmm….my comment is getting a little long. I guess I could give you more information about my experience if you’re interested over email or something. Actually I’ll be doing a blog post soon about my babywearing experience.

    Anyways I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but like I said, I wish I had learned about this before Kyle was born, so I would like to help you, if you’re interested.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey Megan! Your advice would be SUPER HELPFUL! I already bought a baby bjorn carrier (it was used and only a few bucks, so no great loss) and have registered for a Moby wrap . . . but really, I’m shooting in the dark to a certain extent. I can’t wait to read your post about it!


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