18 Weeks

How far along: Week 18 completed 5/8/12

Well friends, this is a cheater update–I have spent a good part of the week up in Winnetka with my stylish and life-lovin’ grandma Mama Kitty, Aunt Jacquie, and various cousins, participating in the sweet madness that is Rummage.

Hence, I have not been at my computer in the office with oodles of time to tell you all about exactly how many tears I cried for exactly which ridiculous (and unwarranted) reasons.

(and do you see a little baby-shaped something?)

So anyway, all I have right now is pictures and a general update, which is “second verse same as the first.” Essentially, no big changes from last week.

But more details next week!

And of course, we can’t move on without the husband update picture:

He’s such a sweetie!

Love you guys, and have a great weekend! Tales of Rummage and my band’s second studio session will be forthcoming whenever I can put my fingers to the keyboard . . .

12 thoughts on “18 Weeks

  1. Lindsy

    Please don’t look back at my pictures from 16-20 weeks because you make me look like an elephant!! You are tiny girl! I know you are eager to “show” but soon enough you will want that space in your belly back. 🙂 You look great! Are you going to find out the gender in 2 weeks?

    1. Jenna Post author

      YES! I’m so excited to find out the gender and share with everyone and my grandmother. =) And I just look small because I have such a friggin’ long waist–it’s a little ridiculous. I always think that shorter women look cuter with preggo bellies, but I guess I should focus on being thankful for what I have.

    1. Jenna Post author

      I know! And I was desperately hoping he wouldn’t be too shellshocked by the amount of stuff I purchased and brought home last night–and he handled it amazingly well! =) Yay for good men.

  2. Suzie

    I’ve been busy this week too, haven’t even posted a thing. Sounds like you had a good time at the Rummage and found all kinds of goodies…yay! That’s the tiniest belly ever! 😉

  3. Julie M.

    By golly I think I see it – the beginnings of a baby bump! Your husband is a true trooper. Now I’m off to check out those fab noodles sitting below this post. 🙂

  4. Kimby

    Jenna, it’s a joy to follow your progress and see such a healthy pregnancy — yes, you’re starting to show! The good thing about being long waisted (I am, too) is that there’s more “room” and thus little or no stretch marks! Although I remember being slightly preturbed when someone asked if I had a boy or a girl and I was still pregnant (9 MONTHS pregnant — I was due to deliver the next day!) But, it’s better than being asked if you’re pregnant when you’re not… 🙂

  5. Eve

    Ya…baby bump is coming!! It is so cute!! Joshie will say “I want to squish it” 🙂
    But why Adam did not have baby bump!???? Tell him to grow one!!:p
    Love and miss you
    Can’t wait to know the baby gender, I am ready to get serious shopping start 😀


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