17 Weeks

How far along: Week 17 completed on May 1st. According to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” that means I am done with month 4. Month 5, here I come baby!

Weight gain: Zero! Not what I was expecting. And I’m not thrilled about this either, as the picture below may lead you to believe:

In fact, that was the mad smile of someone who was feeling completely deranged at the time (more on that shortly).

However, as the midwife said, “don’t worry, you have plenty of time.” And it’s been hitting me–pregnancy is a looooong journey. I’ve been pregnant since January, and I’m still 3 full weeks from being halfway there. And nobody who looks at me could even tell there’s a baby in there at this point. It’s a little crazy.

Clothes: I actually returned to wearing some of my skinny pants this week. My stomach has become much less sensitive, and for this I am soooo grateful. Thank you, stomach.

Purchases: No baby-related purchases! But you all know by now what is seriously right around the corner (next week!), so beware . . .

Body: Less bloating and discomfort–it’s truly fab. I can lie on my stomach at night comfortably, and I’m not constantly thinking about my belly.

On the weirder side, I am still experiencing the no-belly-in-the-morning-but-big-belly-at-night thing, which is a little strange. Even my husband gave me a look of utter confusion when one minute my stomach looked completely flat (I was lying down and tensing my abs) and the next (when I sat up and leaned over) it was a huge round globe. “What . . . what is going on there?” he asked, perplexed.

I only wish I had answers, baby. This same question plagues me daily.

I also had a really hard time during yoga on Monday–which is weird, because it wasn’t a particularly hard class compared to the past couple weeks. I have my suspicions as to why I was having difficulties: I hear there’s a hormone called ‘relaxin’ which loosens the joints during pregnancy. We were doing a lot of fast-moving stretches from side to side, up and down and all around, and I just couldn’t seem to move as fast or as comfortably as I normally do. I think that relaxin stuff has made my joints less ‘stable’ and less able to support those quick movements between stretches. I was embarrassed by my own amount of huffing and puffing.

Sleep: It’s mahvellous, dahling. I’m still falling asleep quickly, sleeping great, and (as I mentioned) able to sleep on my stomach. Though in the news this week: I managed to stay awake for an entire story of Sherlock Holmes! My husband was amazed. “Are you still awake?” he asked in wonder at the end of the story, looking at my supine (and seemingly passed out) form. “Yes!” I exclaimed, popping up from my pillow.

What can I say–the story of the hydraulics engineer who almost got murdered by an evil mechanical pressing device was riveting. So my husband decided to start the next story since I appeared to be fully awake, and guess what–I don’t remember a thing about it. Not the cast of characters, not the opening sentence, not the premise of the crime-solving-to-come–nada. Sleep hit me like a sledgehammer, so hard and fast I didn’t even feel it.

Best moment(s) of the week: Hearing that heartbeat at my appointment! For about 10 seconds the midwife couldn’t find it and the worst case scenario flashed through my brain, but it turns out that it’s because I was clenching my abs in an effort to curl my head up and watch what she was doing. “Just lie back and relax,” she said, and immediately we found it. Strong, fast, and steady.

Movement: A little, I think–when I went to bed Sunday night, I felt that feeling that some people describe as popcorn popping. But it’s not a regular occurrence . . . yet.

Food cravings/aversions: I only had fries once! It seems like I’m getting that part of my life back under control. And I also looked Thai noodles in the face and survived to tell the tale–not only survived, but enjoyed every bite (especially that nicely browned tofu). Looks like Pad Thai is back on the menu, baby. Next week maybe I’ll try to gauge my stomach’s feelings on fried eggs . . .

Symptoms: The midwife went over my blood/urine test results from last month, and apparently all is good except for the old Vitamin D. So I’ll be picking up a prescription and wolfing that stuff down asap since apparently a Vitamin D deficiency somehow increases your chances of having a C-section. As for the rest of it, I’m generally feeling great.

Now–isn’t my skin supposed to start glowing soon?? And where’s this shiny hair I keep hearing about?

Emotions: I’ve been really emotional this week, starting Sunday at church, but I chalked it up to the normal ebb and flow of the female heart. However, the past two days I have been insanely emotional and insanely sensitive. No more “normal ebb and flow” explanations even start to make sense of what I’ve been feeling.

I shall now elaborate:

After 2 1/2 years in the big city (and growing up in the city!), you’d think I’d have a thick skin by now. But after watching how people pushed ahead of a lady with the stroller to get on the Belmont bus, proceeding to occupy the seats that fold up (where she could have put her stroller) as quickly as possible, I had an internal meltdown. Which–as soon as I got home–externalized itself into a regular old cryfest. “Why are people so meeeaaaaan,” I wailed. “Nobody cares about anybody else!” At that moment, friends, I despised Chicago. Humanity depressed me. I wanted out of the whole deal, and I wanted out fast.

Then I realized that we had to take some pictures of my belly for this post. I pressed the camera into my husband’s hands and figured that after our photographic challenges of the previous week, this little session was bound to be waaaay easier. “This is going to go so fast!” I assured him with great optimism.

I was wrong.

After scrolling through about a dozen pictures, all of which featured my blurry mug looking blurrier than ever, I faced the facts: my husband was having some serious challenges focusing the camera. And these challenges didn’t seem to be going away. He practiced focusing on my hand . . .

. . . it just wasn’t happening.

I turned the camera on myself and showed him how easy it can be to focus:

Then I turned the camera on him . . .

(and you can see here that his blessed, blessed sense of humor was still going strong)

. . . and back on myself.

“See?” I said, “just press halfway down on the shutter release, hold the focus/exposure lock down with your thumb, reframe the picture, and it’s so easy!”

We now think that maybe it’s because of his glasses. He has really poor eyesight, so he can’t press his actual eye up to the viewfinder, and it’s quite likely that that’s really hurting his chances of seeing what’s going on in the little black box.

But regardless of his goodwill, it was still a painful experience for me (in which I felt like a failure as a teacher since I couldn’t figure out how to help him, a nagging autocrat, an obsessed maniac since I couldn’t just let it go and post a blurry picture, a demanding jerk of fascist proportions, and a number of other unpleasant things) and this sent me into another avalanche of emotions and tears.

Then I checked my email and broke down into tears again over a quite normal series of messages attempting to schedule a music rehearsal for Wednesday. When these plans started to shift yesterday afternoon, I had another crying breakdown at my desk at work. Which went on for about an hour.

What the heck is going on in here???? Why does everything feel like the end of the world? It’s not pretty, and if I were you . . . I’d keep my distance from the crazy crying lady with the insane smile.

Hopes and dreams: Sometimes I’ll be sitting on the couch or in bed with my husband, and suddenly I’ll think “in a few months we’ll be sitting on this same couch–but with a little baby between us.” My heart skips a beat and I get a rush of hormones/adrenaline/whoknowswhat that gives me the tinglies in my belly.

I also had a really, really sad dream Monday night that my dad died before the baby was born. I kept thinking “Dad will never get to hold his little grandbaby. We got so close . . . but now it won’t happen.” Saddest dream ever. I don’t know what it is about grandpas holding their tiny grandbabies, but it gets me like a punch in the heart.

What I miss: Being able to keep it together emotionally. I don’t remember the last time I cried so much over completely normal, daily things.

What I’m looking forward to: Finding out the gender at my next appointment, on Wednesday May 23rd.

Husband update:  I love this man.

We were walking to the El last Wednesday morning, and I was kind of dragging my feet. I just felt tired, like I didn’t have enough energy–emotional or physical–to face the day. “Well,” he said, “you know you’re burning more calories resting than a guy burns working out at the gym. Making that baby is taking a lot of energy.” He had read this in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” the previous evening. I coulda kissed him right there.

And he’s making such an effort with this photography thing–resulting (by the end of our little session) in a perfectly focused picture of my face!!

Great job, baby. And thanks for loving this nagging autocrat despite my nagging autocratic ways (at least when it comes to photography).

For next week, I’m hoping for normal emotional reactions to normal daily events. We’ll see . . .

Have a great weekend, friends!

23 thoughts on “17 Weeks

  1. Erica

    Awww schmanty. You can call me and cry on the phone anytime you want. I’ll listen!! And not laugh! Except for in a few months when we can both laugh together about how….nevermind. We’ll save it. 🙂 Love you! Hang in there!!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Are you implying that my little tragedies aren’t COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE??? Bwaaaaaaaaa . . . *sobsob* *hiccup*
      Just kidding.

  2. kate

    Jenna, it is truly comforting that you are teary. Really. My husband is just not quiiiiiiiiite as patient and sensitive as yours, though he tries. He really does. But I did sob and stamp my foot repeatedly to boot on the phone with him yesterday. Multiple times. Also I know you are waiting for that belly to pop and I can only assure you, while I marvel at its tiny-ness, that it will. Oh it will. Mine exploded in the past couple weeks and I am what, a month ahead of you? Granted this is my third pregnancy. Wow, you have a big baby in there though. Where is it hiding? Anatomy is so varied and fascinating. And those pictures of you pregnant are some of my favorite pictures on your blog ever, because there is so much love and tenderness on the part of the photographer, and in you- so please tell him that.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Haha–I can totally see you in tears and stamping away. Hopefully your man will just roll with the punches and be extra nice to you. And I don’t know where the baby is hiding . . . but I’m encouraged that you’ve ‘exploded’ recently. Hopefully I’m not far behind. And I’ll make sure to pass on the photography compliment to my husband! =)

  3. Vicki DeArmey

    TakeHeart Jena. Your tummy will eventually protrude and then there will be no stopping it. I was pretty thin when I was expecting my first, Ginette, and didn’t start wearing maternity clothes until the 6th month if that is any consolation. Believe even after 3 months I was tired of them.
    If you don’t have all that extra weight on now than you won’t have all that weight hangin’ ’round afterwards.

    1. Jenna Post author

      I remember you mentioned that in another comment (maybe a month ago?) and I’ve actually been thinking about it ever since. When I start worrying, I just tell myself “well Vicki didn’t show until 6 months” and I feel much better. =) Like maybe I’m not just making up the existence of this baby.

  4. TheKitchenWitch

    Your skin and hair already glow, so don’t be expecting any more gifts in that department!

    Looking at your flat belly pics, I had to laugh. That’s exactly what happened with me when I was pregnant with Miss D. Nothing, nothing, and then one week–I think for me it was week 24 or 25–I just POPPED! All of a sudden, there’s this big old belly! It was hilarious!

    I think it’s so sweet that your hubby is reading “What to Expect.” Melt.

    They might be able to see the gender of the little one soon…are you going to wait or are you dying to find out?

    1. Jenna Post author

      Yay! Another confirmation that the flat belly isn’t an indication of something horribly abormal. And wow–24-25 weeks is still a pretty long ways away. I feel like no one told me that it could take SO LONG to start really showing. This is definitely one of the biggest surprises so far.
      We are really excited to find out the gender–definitely NOT waiting–we’ll know during our first ultrasound on May 23rd. Not too far away now . . . I’ll make sure to share as soon as I know. =)

  5. Jesse

    You just cry when you need to and don’t worry about it :o). That must have been amazing to be able to hear the heart beat. I can’t wait for the big gender reveal! I just read another blog where the writer’s sister had a gender reveal party and I thought it was a neat idea. They had the technician seal the results in an envelope and then had a party where people wore blue or pink, depending on what they thought the gender would be. They gave the envelope to a baker who food colored the cake blue to show they were having a boy, and the parents found out what they were having when they cut into the cake!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Jesse, that’s a GREAT party idea! I don’t know if I’ll have the wherewithal to pull it off . . . but we’ll see how I feel in 3 weeks!

  6. Sydney

    Beautiful pics, Jenna. Must be all that yoga paying off, keeping you smaller longer! 🙂 Glad the stomach pain is passing!

  7. Suzie

    I too was thin until about 6 months, I starting showing. And yep, it was just like one day I popped! It will happen soon enough 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to finding out the gender. I find out my grandbaby’s gender the 11th…yay! I’ve had my husband take pics before too and they always come out blurry…lol! At least they try, God Bless ’em for that!

  8. Fru-gal Mommyland

    Hi there! I have been following your blog recently and really love your pregnancy progress posts. So much in common like low vitamin D, love of french fries, egg phobia etc.. 😛 I also have just passed my 15 weeks mark and recently found out I am having a boy! Can’t wait to follow along your wonderful journey and good luck!


    1. Jenna Post author

      Hi Jin, and congratulations!! How exciting that you were able to find out the gender so early on–that’s awesome.

  9. Rox

    Jenna!!! Congrats!!! I hadn’t been on your blog in some time- Long story- crazy job and sleepless nights, but now I changed jobs and my life is back to normal. Anywho, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your post. I am so happy for you. I wish you all the best!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Oh man, I’m sorry you had a crazy job time–doesn’t sound like fun! I’m glad to hear things are back to normal though. =)

  10. Veronica

    I feel for you and your hubby with the photographing sessions-I totally understand your frustration b/c you can’t help him and you need him to do it well. But he did take some really great shots of you, even if it took a while. All the pictures you’ve been sharing are beautiful. I can’t believe you’re already in your fifth month. I look more pregnant than you without having a baby inside me! lol Sorry to have contributed to another emotional fiasco with my blog today–I’ll try to keep it more upbeat but that was on my mind so it just came out. Glad for your good sleep, your returning love for all food, and that you can wear your skinny jeans again! Enjoy it while you can. 😉

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey, don’t apologize for your amazing post! It was heartfelt and beautiful even if it did bring on the tears.

  11. Laura

    Oh, Sweetie – crying when you’re pregnant is just like sweating. It’s a totally automatic, uncontrollable thang. Carry tissues and cut yourself plenty of slack – you’re doing great! Love you – xxxooo

  12. Stacy

    Loving the updates! And patience, my dear. If you were showing already, you’d be pretty huge at the end of your pregnancy. Or you’d be having twins or triplets or something.
    Saw you commented on my friend Liz’s blog. They just had their third child. Do you know her or just follow her blog? Either way, cool beans 🙂
    Looking forward to more updates!

  13. Joanne

    From what I’ve seen, most first time mama’s don’t tend to POP until five months…so you’ve got a few more weeks to go before the belly explosion of 2012! I can’t wait cause i know how happy it’ll make you! And then your husband will just have to worry about focusing the camera on your belly, which will be so big that it won’t even be a problem at all! Myopia or not.

    I spent all of last week crying over totally abnormal things and there’s not even a chance that I’m pregnant! so..hmm. that probably just means I’m psychotic. Ignore that.

    <3 you!

  14. Julie M.

    Awww Jenna, what a sweet post! You look amazing and I have to say, despite your husband’s photography challenges, he managed an absolutely, dare I say, glowing picture of you. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing whether it’s a boy or a girl.


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