New image for Thornfield?

So coming off a weekend of recording, I definitely want to share more in detail with you guys about our first session, which was focused on laying down basic tracks (hint: it was AWESOME. We were more productive than we ever could have imagined–we’re talking 20 basic tracks in 6 hours–crazy). There’s so much that I’ve learned about the recording process, and dangit if it wasn’t amazingly fun. But first I need to gather my thoughts and force them into something called words, and feed those words through the tubes of my mind into sentences, and then . . . yes. There will be a process, and the process will takes its due time.

But since the band is still on my mind, I thought I’d share some other band-related stuff.

My hubby snapped some pictures at the Regency Ball that just screamed . . . well, “BAND PICTURES!” In a very loud, annoying voice.

What do you think?

Should we go all Regency on you?

I think Carrie can’t help looking good in a top hat.

And by the way . . . in case you missed it . . .

I’M PREGNANT!!!! *heavy metal guitars hitting it hard, and I mean hard*/*gravelly scream from a singer of indeterminate sex*/*the drums go wild*

I know you know this.

I know I know this.

But then I remember, if you know what I mean. And those heavy metal guitars in my head start hitting it hard all over again.

11 thoughts on “New image for Thornfield?

  1. Sarah K.

    I LOVE the close up of Carrie in the hat with Eric in the background. The others are great too, but that’s my favorite. I’m jealous of her hat wearing capabilities.

  2. Suzie

    Love them all. The first is my favorite and Carrie can pull off the top hat very nicely. Glad the recording went well and you had a great time, I bet it is amazing!

  3. Carrie

    Well, I guess now I’ve got a new profile picture!! haha! Thanks for taking pictures that somehow make me look good in top hats, Jenna. 🙂 And of all the bands I know, Thornfield is one of the few who maybe could actually pull off the Regency look. Yeah, we’re cool like that… “Cool”‘s the word, right??

  4. Vesselina

    I love them all, but man if Carrie’s not totally pulling off that look in the last one. Dang! Tied for favorite is the top picture – I love that Jenna is facing in a different direction than Carrie & Eric. It balances out so nicely. You all are ridiculously good looking.

  5. Veronica

    LOL, I meant to ask about that pregnancy pic since I saw it on f/b–is that your belly or did you stuff something in there? It’s notably bigger than in the other pics…maybe you indulged in some french fries before that shot? lol I like your guys regency look, but alas, I think I like the old look better. And my favorite shot here is the one of Carrie in the top hat-sooo cute!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Heh heh–I just arched my back a LOT and stuck my torso towards the camera. I had pretty much no actual belly at that point, but I wanted to emphasize it anyway. =)


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