Dr. Evil Couch Fund yields results!

You may or may not remember this, but last summer a fund was started by Certain Concerned Citizens to raise money (or at least raise awareness) for a new couch for Aunt Jacquie (a.k.a. Dr. Evil). Her house is beautiful, filled with antiques, memorabilia, curios and elegantly upholstered furniture, all arranged to perfection. But her furniture–until now–was not sprawlable. For us long-limbed, slouchy relatives, the scrolly ornate couches left much to be desired in terms of comfort. Draping a knee over the side of a couch was either unthinkable, or an exercise in torture endurance.

During our last visit to her house (during that Regency Ball weekend I yapped about last week), we feasted on the visual and emotional delights of her home, esconced in the quiet of the country. It made Chicago seem like a mad-house that requires unsustainable amounts of energy to tolerate–just being honest.

Ah, the conflicting emotions the countryside produces even in a city-lover such as myself.

The window seats called my name . . .

. . . the library was entrancing (especially to Eric) . . .

. . . delightful sun rooms seemed to crop up all over the house, with the seeming sole purpose of providing a body with an enchanting corner to read a book or chat with a friend . . .

And don’t even get me started on the remote-control fireplace. That is the thing of dreams.

But let’s get to the point: I wanted to highlight the presence of a wonderful, comfortable piece of furniture that wasn’t there last summer.

A comfy couch!

Can someone say “Hallelujah”?

Okay, so it’s still a firm, shapely couch. But I tested it for comfort for . . . a number of hours, shall we say. It’s called being thorough, and I excell at it. At least in matters of couch-testing.

And it didn’t even represent a sacrifice of her taste! Especially because the blue perfectly matches the shade of her other chair (the one in the lower lefthand corner).

The match is so exact, I think we can safely assume supernatural powers were involved.

Aunt Jacquie, your house has always held allure for me. But now, with this couch thrown into the mix . . . wow.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Evil Couch Fund yields results!

  1. Tobi

    Oh my goodness, I love your Aunt’s house! The hominess, the light, the style. It’s very inspiring, like the kind of place a writer should live.

  2. giselle

    I have ALWAYS loved libraries like that. The house in my dreams has a library. And a fireplace. And a wonderfully comfortable couch to lay on while reading..

  3. Suzie

    I love the word sprawlable 😉 It does look to be a perfect match in color. I’m glad you’re such a through couch inspector and that you approve.

  4. Veronica

    I totally remember the uncomfy furniture but had to check back to do a comparison. I love how she still kept the old stuff, but adding a new comfy grouping to the room. It really does match her style and looks great! Glad the concerned citizens were able to talk some sense into Dr. Evil. (Dr. Evil! I love it when family has nicknames that seem unfriendly but are said with the utmost affection. My Dad calls my Mom “Crazed” and she calls him “Crazy Man.” I adore it because it’s how they say “I love you.”)

  5. Tonya

    Yay for comfy sprawlable couches for Preggo nieces!!! I see that one that tormented you last time still resides in her home, but is now no longer the only option for sprawling!!!

  6. Kimby

    Your aunt’s home reminds me of a candle holder I got recently. It says, “Surround yourself with comfort.” Aaaaahhh. Hallelujuah indeed!

  7. Aunt Jacquie

    Come again soon, Jenna and friends! Think about freshly brewed good coffee (or whatever you drink given your pregnancy now) on the patio of a summer’s morning–and choose which garden or patio! And this should be a good house to write in–would I had the time. But writers are welcome!


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