14 Weeks

Two days ago saw the end of week 14, and I’m going to attempt to write regular weekly updates–with pictures! Pregnancy updates are something I enjoy reading so much on other blogs (and I’ve learned so much from those real-life stories!) that I want to pull a page out of their books (like Lindsy’s fabulous blog–you should totally check it out).

How far along: Week 14 completed on 4/10/12

Weight gain: ?? No scale at home . . . but my next appointment with the midwife group is April 27th, so I’ll share then.

I can’t wait to put on a few pounds–I know that sounds weird, but seriously . . .

Clothes: I’m still wearing normal clothes, but I can’t stand any pressure on my stomach area. Can’t stand it. And by that I mean keent steeeenit (anyone seen “Singing in the Rain”?). So goodbye belts and cinched waists! I’ve never loved my loose tops more than I do now. Technically I could still wear snug tops, but when I do, I feel like I have to hold my stomach in since after I eat a meal–or even just a snack–I look inflated but not necessarily pregnant. Kind of an awkward stage. I’m still sporting my regular skinny jeans and cords, but not my 3 pairs of skinny-skinny pants if you know what I mean (yes, those are two different categories). They are banished from my sight. Banished, banished, banished. I’m holding out for Rummage to find some maternity jeans–I remember loving my sister Heidi’s pair from Target (even on my then not-pregnant body), so I’m pretty excited about finding a flattering pair with a nice soft waistband. And by the way, if you don’t know what Rummage is, you can read about it here, here, and here. It’s going down the week of May 7th, and it’s the sale of the century.

Purchases: Nothing since those adorable 3 baby things from Salvation Army. But Rummage, oh Rummage, I know you will be a treasure trove.

Body: Everything was feeling pretty good there for a couple weeks (#12 and #13), with sickness mostly gone and bloating becoming not as much of an issue (though still present). I thought I had said my final adios to nausea . . . until I got a surprise fatigue + sickness-attack last Wednesday. It was bad, folks. I got home from work around 5:30, collapsed on the couch, and slept for over an hour. My husband heated up some leftover Pad Thai for himself, and the smell was so hideous to mine heightened sensibilities that I ran around the house opening windows, lighting candles, plugging in an Airwick scent thingy, and even lighting an incense stick. Then I sat in a chair feeling pretty deathly, and my husband announced he wanted to clean out and organize our front closet. For some reason, this sent me into an avalanche of tears, and I cried for about an hour. Then I spent some more time on the couch. Finally, I roused myself around 8:30 to play a round of Bananagrams with my poor, neglected husband. However, halfway through the round I felt the bile rise, said “Oh s***!” (sorry, Mom), ran to the toilet, and spent 10 minutes dry-heaving into the toilet.

Aren’t you glad you’re hearing all the gory details?

Don’t answer that question. You might make me cry.

Suffice it to say I had no desire for any food the entire evening, though I worried down a cereal bar right before bed because I didn’t want to starve out that lil’ baby. That was the worst sickness yet, and I was caught totally off guard by it. I hope it goes away forever–and don’t you come back no mooore no moooore no mooore, no mooore!

Sleep: Going strong! My husband has been reading me Sherlock Holmes stories at bedtime, and I’m usually out after about 2 pages. Of course, when he finishes the story and gently asks “Jenna, are you still awake?”, I wake up again and then he has to fill me in on everything that I missed. Which is basically the whole story. So technically I’m not enjoying Sherlock, but my husband’s excellent recaps. Thanks, baby.

Best moment(s) of the week: Communing with my baby during yoga–it was awesome.

Movement: None yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Food cravings/aversions: Fried eggs, Thai noodles, and popcorn are still pretty much off the docket, though they used to be top-of-the-list favorites with me. Sigh. Food is still trickier than ever before. I’ve never been a picky eater. I have trouble even thinking of one thing I don’t like to eat point blank. Let’s see . . . umm . . . okay, raw shrimp! I had raw shrimp at a sushi place once and gagged. But I really love variety in my diet, both ingredient-wise and cuisine-wise. So it’s wild that I don’t want to eat just anything these days. For example, the other night (not Sick Night Maximus–a different one) nothing seemed to appeal to me. I knew I should eat because hey, having dinner is generally a good idea, but . . . ugh! After listing all my options about 5 times out loud–yoghurt? mac and cheese from a box? a cereal bar? a potato? rice? a carrot? rice and a carrot?–(sorry, husband-o-mine), I finally decided that I felt like a boiled red potato slathered with butter and a strawberry banana smoothie. I nixed the potato (too much trouble) and just went with the smoothie (yep, this one–so thick and perfect!).

Symptoms: Still some bloating any time I eat (blech), a feeling that I pretty much loathe. But it’s really lessened recently, and I’m hoping the sickness goes far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, . . . you get the idea.

Emotions: They’re there. And they’re strong. Who bursts into tears when their husband offers to clean? I make no sense, even to myself.

Hopes and dreams: I’m so excited about my maternity leave this fall. I have visions of napping with the baby while a stew simmers on the stove or a chicken roasts in the oven. This is, of course, assuming that my appetite returns, which at the moment feels impossible. Unlikely. A pipe dream, really.

What I miss: Always feeling great no matter what I ate, and never giving even a thought to my digestion. My stomach worked so admirably for so long that I was never even that aware of it. Now it’s much more iffy. My stomach seems bent on proclaiming “here I am, and I am NOT altogether that pleased with you!” Little punk. I’ll have to start getting tough or something.

(are you frightened by my ‘let’s get tough’ look?)

(yeah . . . maybe it needs a little work)

What I’m looking forward to: Having a little belly! Having this whole “chest” thing I’ve been hearing about for so many years! And seeing what kind of hair our baby has. Do you remember my husband’s afro-like mop from our college days? I keep wondering if our baby will inherit that wiry, voluminous head of hair. And it gives me fuzzy feelings inside.

Husband update: I’m hoping to do a little interview soon and get the man’s perspective on the 1st trimester. But until I actually take 15 minutes to come up with questions, interrogate him thoroughly and type up all of his fascinating answers, I should share that he is still a very willing photographer. He just learned the trick of bracing his arm on a wall or chair to avoid camera shake and the resulting blur. BUT I happen to love this blurry shot that somehow happened in the midst of the snapping!

And by the way–what kind of things do you think I should ask him during the little interview? Any brilliant ideas, or burning questions that you may have?

In the meantime, here’s to no sickness in week 15!

28 thoughts on “14 Weeks

    1. Jenna Post author

      You totally should. I have to warn you that sale day (Thursday May 10th) is CRAZY and part of my enjoyment is the pre-sale experience (totally different). But you can always sign up to volunteer (at least 10 hours) to earn those shopping privileges . . . =)

  1. Lindsy

    Awww look at you! You are too kind.

    You look – and are doing – GREAT. 1st tri (in my opinion) is by far the worst. You get all the yucky symptoms and don’t get to look pregnant or feel a baby move. But SOON you will feel great and get that bump you can’t wait for. 🙂 However, the emotions will stay the same. I cry over EVERYTHING now. Luckily I have a very understanding hubby. 🙂

    SOOOOO excited for you and I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Jenna Post author

      I don’t mind the strong emotions so much as long as my digestion recovers some degree of normalcy–that’s the worst!

  2. queenie

    one of my favorite quotes from Jack Lewis is: “So much of what passes for godliness is nothing more than a good night’s sleep and proper digestion.” Yep. A bad belly can cause trouble. As can losing sleep. And a bad belly can probably cause lost sleep. I’m thinkin’. . . . But you seem to be doing pretty good, pretty Jenna! I hope it won’t make you cry to hear that I laughed at loud at the line: “my husband announced he wanted to clean out and organize our front closet. For some reason, this sent me into an avalanche of tears, and I cried for about an hour.”

    I also liked: “My husband has been reading me Sherlock Holmes stories at bedtime, and I’m usually out after about 2 pages. Of course, when he finishes the story and gently asks “Jenna, are you still awake?”, I wake up again and then he has to fill me in on everything that I missed. Which is basically the whole story. So technically I’m not enjoying Sherlock, but my husband’s excellent recaps. Thanks, baby.”

    Finally: hey – the blurry shot makes it look more like you have a bit of a little, pointy belly than any of the other shots, not to mention it being quite artsy. I like it, too!

    All the best and thanks for all the updates! (I’ve been needing some info on what it feels like to be pregnant for a story I’m writing – and so I’ll be reading with interest and perhaps asking questions, too!) xoxoxo

    1. Jenna Post author

      I love that quote! Yes, sleep and good digestion are massive enablers of a good attitude. =) And yes, even at the moment I was crying over the closet cleaning, I saw that my reaction was completely ridiculous and was actually amused in a small part of my non-emotional brain.
      The blurry shot totally gives me a pointy belly–something about the focus and the light I guess. Kind of creepy, now that I’m looking at it closely.
      And ask away! I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have. And have you been publishing your stuff anywhere? Because you are a FABULOUS writer and I’d love to pick up something you’d written . . .

  3. Christina

    I agree with Lindsy. The first trimester and the first few weeks of the 2nd are rough. The rest of pregnancy up until the final weeks is great. At that time you are so ready for that baby to come out, you’ll start trying every old wives tale to get labor started. lol. I can’t wait for you to feel baby movements. At first they feel like gas bubbles, but after that, they become more prominent. I was pretty convinced that Zachary was doing flips and barrel rolls on occasion. 🙂 I am glad that you’re going to give weekly updates

    I need to check out this Rummage that you talked about. It sounds pretty great.

  4. Suzie

    Love that your hubby is reading you Sherlock Holmes 🙂 Sorry, but you really gotta’ work on that tough look…ha ha 😉 I like the idea of interviewing your hubby. I’d ask him what change he likes most about you? Also, I’d ask what he is looking forward to the most right now? Can’t wait to read more of your weekly updates.

  5. Veronica

    Doth mine eyes deceive me? I swear you’ve got more boobage than in the last shots! And be happy you have no bump yet–I bet you’ll be really tired of it by the time you give birth (which yes, I do believe WILL be happening to you-lol!) I’m sorry for the bad parts, but at least it provides interesting stories for your readers–sorry, but you bursting into tears for no reason was quite amusing. 😀 So happy for you and love reading these updates!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Maybe a little . . . but the difference, my friend, is the no-bra versus VS bra. Yup. My secrets are now revealed to all. =)

      1. Veronica

        Hahaha, my sister Danielle has the same secret. Mine is that I wear a tight bra to minimize the excess boobage-lol! The grass is always greener-I’d so love to have less of a chest.

      2. giselle

        I was going to say the same thing! You’re all talking about no boobs but I definitely see boobs! 🙂

  6. Sarah R

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one imagining this baby coming out with a ‘fro! I trust there won’t be a mustache like I’m picturing though.

  7. Jenny @ Words On Wendhurst

    Love the update. Hope the sickness/pickiness passes quickly – as someone who never really stopped feeling sick for the whole shebang, I wish uneventful pregnancies on everyone! 🙂 As far as cleavage, you will definitely “fill out”, and just wait till the baby is born! If you decide to breastfeed, it will be ridiculous. I just had to go buy new (bigger!) bras, AGAIN. 🙂 I felt the baby move for the first time right around where you are now, but could only feel him when I had eaten a large meal and laid on my tummy. 🙂 But you might want to try it! 🙂

  8. Jesseca

    Hello! I strolled over here from the comments in PW’s Non Sequiturs post. Congrats on your pregnancy and I love your blog, and am therefore adding you to my blog roll. That is all and have a lovely day!

  9. Kate

    Jenna – you look and sound great. You’ll be so happy to have this all documented and to be able to look back. I wanted to tell you my husband read 3 books every night in utero to our babies. “Big Red Barn” “Is Your Mama a LLama?” and “Left Foot, Right Foot.” My first ended up breech with a long labor and she came out ANGRY. They whisked her away but as soon as my husband started talking, quoting the book, “feet in the morning feet at night” she immediately quieted and looked around and was perfectly content. They do hear and recognize and I think it’s great continuity for them to know their father’s voice. Anyway, it worked for us so I thought I’d share.

  10. Joanne

    I LOVE reading about the gory details. So keep em coming! Really. I’m unnaturally obsessed with babies and pregnancy. Don’t tell my current boyfriend. Please. He doesn’t need to know just yet. 😛

    UGH to sickness maximus. Sounds awful.

    If your husband REALLY feels compelled to clean, he can take over my apartment. I promise not to cry.

  11. Amy

    I never had morning sickness or cravings. Both my pregnancies were relatively boring and uneventful. I ran up until my 36th week, which helped with the weight gain and movement, but holy crap I remember being absolutely exhausted the 1st and 2nd trimester. Actually, 3rd and 4th too. Like all I wanted to do was sleep. Growing a baby is a lot of work!

    1. giselle

      LOL did your babies really go to a 4th trimester or are you just saying it felt like there was one b/c it was such hard work??

      1. Amy

        HAHAHA. Giselle… 4th trimester? Eep. What was I talking about? See, the blood goes south and once you have a baby it never returns to your brain!

  12. Kimby

    Jenna, you look healthy and terrific! I enjoy reading your baby musings and the supportive comments that follow… support is a good thing. (And I ain’t talkin’ about your Victoria’s Secret, although that has it’s merits, too.) 🙂 Word of advice to your hubby during peak emotional alerts… words are ineffective against hormones. Hug, hug, HUG your wife.


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