Musician in the making

Little James appears to have a natural musical inclination, which he showcased over Christmas on my cousin Brianna’s keyboard.

(oh the double chin!)

Don’t worry James. I’ll show you the ropes of the music biz. The most important part is to take a great picture of yourself singing and looking like a movie star. This image will be the basis of your “stage persona,” which in turn can be a springboard for all kinds of great music video concepts. You really wanna go for an iconic shot. Kind of like this . . .

. . . or . . . well . . .

maybe not exactly like this.

But you get the general idea.

You need to have a unique “thing.” (yes, “thing” is  technical term in the music biz)

For example, when your hair grows a little more, you could be the Windblown Hair Kid. Or you could play to your strengths and be the Blue-Eyed Babyface–I can see that having great appeal with the ladies. Then, in a few years, you can graduate your image to the Pouty Pre-teen.

Yep, exactly like that. Your record will go platinum in no-time flat.

9 thoughts on “Musician in the making

  1. Erica


    Definitely a sweet surprise this morning to see James’ (officially the cutest baby in the world) chubby, jolly, kissable little self all over the computer screen.
    Got me smiling. :)

  2. Veronica

    I love how it looks like he’s singing while playing the piano. Was he? He’s just adorable -the last photo was like custom designed to incite women to procreate. lol. BTW, I love that photo of you, I really DO think you look like a star in it! Pretty girl.

    1. Jenna Post author

      He totally looks like he’s singing–but he was just kind of shouting and making noise–and laughing in the most adorable way. He’s SUCH a cutie.

  3. Kimby

    From the looks of it, James has a long and illustrious career ahead of him — and frankly, my dear, so do you! You’ve got that “carefree stepping out of the limo look” down pat! :)


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