A necessary dose of baby

I have more coming, but to satisfy my own needs for a dose of baby James (yes, I’m in severe withdrawal at the moment), I have some delightful pictures of the little guy, who is unbelievably turning 1 year old this January.

1 year old?? Wasn’t he just, like, born?

He’s safely back in Alaska, and the next time we see him he will probably be walking. Talking. Even running! I’ve always laughed a little at the people who say longingly “they grow up so fast!”, but I am now undoubtedly one of them. Because part of me wishes James could stay at this age forever.

One day he won’t be saying “ba!” anymore. Or making the hilarious nodding/head jerking motion when he’s really, really excited about that next bite of food. Or yanking indiscriminately at pant legs with those fat little hands to pull himself into a standing position. He may even thin out, and then what baby rolls will I be able to grab? The mere thought makes me want to burst into tears. There’s nothing like a velvety, fatty, baby thigh to make the world seem like a brighter place (see here for more on that matter).

Though I know Heidi is right when she says he’ll just become cute in other ways as he grows up, I have an alternate plan: since Heidi’s child-bearing days are certainly not over, I am hoping that she and Mike will produce a clone of baby James–one per year.

Over and over again, so that there is an unending supply of little 11-month-olds saying ‘ba’ and bobbing their heads.

Isn’t that the best plan ever? Now I just have to find a mad scientist to give me a helping hand.

Let me know if you all have any leads. Or if I’ve finally creeped you out enough that you’re never returning–I realize that’s a distinct possibility with every post I write.

But let’s get to the visuals!

Captions are provided by my dear husband, who is equally as in love with this baby as I am.

Well yes, I see your point, but I read an article in the New York Times saying the exact opposite. Do you read the Times?

Oh! I didn’t realize we were taking pictures! Hang on while I get this stoplight out of my mouth . . .

This. Is. The. Best. Apple. I’ve. Ever. Had. Period.

You can hold me . . . if you want.

How many times have I told you not to kiss me in public, Mom! Goosssh!

I pretty much got this under control.

17 thoughts on “A necessary dose of baby

  1. Julie M.

    You are going to make a great mom. I can see the love you have for children come through your post in such beautiful words and colors. James is adorable and almost makes me want to try for a fourth. Almost… but not quite. lol

  2. Liz

    Such a joyful little one! Excited that a picture of my hand (holding the drool soaked napkin while James chomped on that apple) made it on Jenna’s Everything Blog!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Haha! There’s a cuter one with you and Tyler featured more prominently which I’ll hopefully get around to posting too. =)

  3. Amrita

    What an adorable munchkin your nephew is! I have a month old nephew I haven’t met yet because he’s on another continent and I already think he’s growing up way too fast, just by looking at his pictures! And baby rolls are the best! Chubby wubbies!

  4. Veronica Miller

    I pretty much got this under control-BWAH! I love that your hubby provided the captions. I wonder if he’d hijack your blog for you so we can officially “meet” him. I would love that! 🙂 Little baby James is just the cutest EVAR and I totally understand your longings for him to remain little. I have those same longings and yet my nephew is now in first grade, reading and writing, and speaking articulately. It’s true that James will get cuter in other ways, and you will appreciate his intelligence as he grows and that you can teach him things and have a real conversation, but oh how I wish Owen would just stop growing. Like now! 😉 Thanks for sharing the adoooorable photos. My favorite is the one where he’s hiding his face on his mama and the ‘rents are cracking up, obviously adoring him. <3

  5. Paloma

    Tus maravillosas fotos recordarán a todos como era James de pequeño cuando crezca. Seguro que le hará mucha ilusión verlas. Por cierto ese bebé crece rápido, rápido…y es una preciosidad!
    God bless you!

  6. Twinky

    Heidi and Mike have to keep producing babies each year??? What about your blog post from over a year ago petitioning Erica and Dave to start populating the world with their children?!?! …and then there is this couple in north Chicago who just might need to join in the fun….. I say you should all come to Christmas with new little ones in arms =). Spoken like a true mother/grandmother!!

    The pictures ARE adorable, and I love the captions… we should hear more from your hubbie!

    1. Twinky

      July 9, 2010 “Baby making Petition: sign it today!”

      I think it would be fun to go back and read some of your earlier pre-aunt posts about babies, their names, and your heebie-jeebie feelings about having children and motherhood. Kind of fun to watch how you have grown and mellowed towards the idea…. =)


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