Christmas crooning and the Hokey Pokey

Last week was full of music, and after touting the glories of that Christmas on the Town concert, I’d be amiss if I didn’t follow up and share a video I took of my friend Carrie singing her heart out.

Enjoy her sweet crooning, Graham’s incredible skills on the mouth harp, and the fantastic song itself, “Heavenly Peace: a Blues Ballad” composed by our church’s own Ben Lynerd, which he layered with “Silent Night” in a beautiful way.

You can read more about the song on Carrie’s blog–and I love the words, taken from a poem by William Cullen Bryant:

These strifes, these tumults of the noisy world, 
Where Fraud, the coward, tracks his prey by stealth, 
And Strength, the ruffian, glories in his guilt, 
Oppress the heart with sadness. Oh, my friend, 
In what serener mood we look upon 
The gloomiest aspects of the elements 
Among the woods and fields! Let us awhile, 
As the slow wind is rolling up the storm, 
In fancy leave this maze of dusty streets, 
Forever shaken by the importunate jar 
Of commerce, and upon the darkening air 
Look from the shelter of our rural home.

On a completely different note, today we hit the road to Wisconsin! Remember Kevin and Katina? The ones whose engagement pictures I took over the summer? Well, they get married tomorrow, and not only do I get to be the second photographer at the wedding (all the fun, none of the pressure) but I will be also be involved in the wedding music shenanigans during the reception. My band Thornfield (Carrie, Eric and me) plus Petras on the drums and Jonathan Gilley on bass will be playing pre-dinner music and then dance music. This includes . . . well, the Hokey Pokey, among other things.

I’ll be doing some heavy tambourining, guitar riffs, singing a little, and possibly even egg-shaking. And I get to play the drums for the first time! Yes, the real drums (as opposed to my usual goat-faced companion). Peter is taking the lead singing on a couple songs (“As Time Goes By” as well as a couple duets with Carrie such as “Unforgettable”), so I staged a takeover of his drum set. So far no one has wrenched those stick thingy whatchamacallits away from me, so wish me luck. And I should also figure out what those stick thingies are called. Drum sticks? (heh heh) Plain old “Sticks”? Rhythm hitting whatsits? Bangy loud poles? Oversized rhythmic chopsticks?

Anyway, it’s going to be a blast. An exhausting blast, but a blast nonetheless. Whoopeee for weddings!

6 thoughts on “Christmas crooning and the Hokey Pokey

  1. Joanne

    That song was the perfect way to start my morning!

    Have fun at the wedding! I know it’ll be a blast (and that the music will be the best part of the affair :P).

  2. Veronica Miller

    I have to answer that question before I forget–yes, they’re called drumsticks. 🙂 OK, that song was very beautiful! Carrie has a great voice, and loved the “silent night” in the background and the harmonica solo. I’m sending this to my hubs b/c he has gotten into learning how to play it so he might enjoy this. Have fun at the wedding with your egg-shakin’. I think I could rock an egg shakers–maybe my only musical “talent.” LOL! I had no idea you could play the guitar–musical people are so talented in so many ways!

  3. Kimby

    Jenna, I just listened to this on Carrie’s blog and now I’m twice blessed! I love hearing (literally) about your musical adventures. Have a wonderful time!


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